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Ghost of Tsushima Shrine in Shadow | How to get Shadow of the Colossus Armor

The Shrine in Shadow's puzzle is simpler than you might think, but there's one key requirement to meet first.

The Ghost of Tsushima Shrine in Shadow is one of the Director’s Cut’s three new Wind Shrines.

These shrines house Ghost of Tsushima’s PlayStation-themed Easter egg armor. You’ll find the Shadow of the Colossus armor in the Shrine in Shadow, but only if you’ve progressed far enough in the main game to get it.

Ghost of Tsushima Shrine in Shadow | Shrine in Shadow location

The Shrine in Shadow is near Iki Island’s southern coast, just south of the Buddha’s Footprints map marker. A mat on the ground and a candle mark the shrine’s entrance, but you’ll have to do some climbing to make it in.

Shrine in Shadow’s puzzle is:

Stone knows no season, Nor the colossus that was felled to save one soul. Wanderer, come like through mist, a ghost casting no shadow.

If the last line weren’t already a clue, you’ll need the Ghost Armor to solve this puzzle.

Ghost of Tsushima Shrine in Shadow | How to get Ghost Armor

Jin acquires Ghost Armor automatically, but not until fairly late in the game. It’s given to him once you begin the From the Darkness story mission in the end of Ghost of Tsushima Act 2. If you’re not there yet, don’t bother with the Shrine in Shadow yet.

Ghost of Tsushima Shrine in Shadow | How to get Shadow of Colossus armor

With Ghost Armor in hand, head to the Shrine of Shadow and equip the armor. Stand in the shrine, then throw a smoke bomb so the smoke enshrouds Jin. This triggers a cutscene and rewards you with the Mask of the Colossus and Armor of the Colossus, the latter of which is an alternate skin for Jin’s Ghost Armor.

If you haven't tackled the Blood Stained Shrineor Shrine of Ash yet, that's where you'll get the Bloodborne armor set and God of War armor respectively.

The shrine challenges are just one part of the new Iki Island expansion. The Bokken Tournament is another grueling test of your skills, and here's where to find every collectable hat, swork kit, and easter egg.

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