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Ghost of Tsushima | How to beat the Hidden Cove Bokken Tournament

Here's how to defeat four of the toughest opponents you've faced

In Fune's Refuge on the island of Iki, Jin takes on the Hidden Cove Bokken Tournament, facing four tough opponents in one-on-one combat.

This is just one of the difficult new encounters that Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut adds to the game, and you'll need to utilise your full skillset to succeed.

Here's how you win the Bokken Tournament in Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut.

Ghost of Tsushima | How to beat the Hidden Cove Bokken Tournament

For a visual guide showing the different timings and techniques you need to win the Bokken Tournament, watch the video below:

Each challenger has a different fighting style, and all of them will defeat you with ease if you don't exploit their weaknesses.

We'll also break down each fighter below.

Ghost of Tsushima Bokken Tournament| Brutal Raider Kai

The Brutal Raider, Kai is the simplest to defeat. To score 5 hits on him, wait for his unblockable attack, then perform a dodge slash by pressing Circle once, and then Square immediately afterwards.

Ghost of Tsushima Bokken Tournament | Exiled Monk

There are a couple of methods you can exploit to defeat the Exiled Monk. First, like in the video, you can wait for him to kick during his second flurry of attacks, then use a dodge slash on him.

However, an easier way is to spam your Sprint Bash ability. This is done by pressing R3 to sprint, then pressing Circle while sprinting.

Sprint Bashing the monk stuns him for long enough to score a hit.

Ghost of Tsushima Bokken Tournament | Murderous Merchant

Personally, I found the Murderous Merchant the most difficult. For the first three hits you score on her, you need to use perfect parries to stun her.

After you've grabbed three hits, she'll go on the defensive. You can either use heavy attacks to break her guard, stun her, and score a hit, or wait for her to retaliate with a parriable attack.

This part is difficult, so pay extra attention to the timing of your parries.

Ghost of Tsushima Bokken Tournament | Crimson Fisherman Sao

Finally, the Crimson Fisherman Sao is a mixture of the three fighters you've faced to this point.

He'll start with an unblockable spinning attack, before following up with a tough stab that fakes you out with difficult block timing.

I had most success with using a dodge slash on his red, unblockable spinning attack. But you can also try to parry his final stab, or use a fast attack to hit him at the end of his combo.

With him defeated, you can claim your prize, as well as gain access to a new crimson dye shop in the east of Iki.

For more on Jin's adventures in Iki, here's how to complete the new Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut.

Or for more Ghost of Tsushima, here's where to find every collectable hat, swork kit, and easter egg.

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