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Ghost of Tsushima Mythic Tales Walkthrough - Where to find every quest

Here's how to complete every Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut

With the release of Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PS5, comes two new Mythic Tales on Iki Island: The Legend of Black Hand Riku and the Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai.

We've updated this page with walkthroughs for both of these new quests, along with every other Mythic Tale on Tsushima.

In your time with Ghost of Tsushima’s main story, you will have likely heard rumours of musicians telling tall tales of fearless legendary warriors - each with their own storied relic that you can track down and find.

These are Mythic Tales, special side quests in Ghost of Tsushima, which represent some of the most interesting and rewarding pursuits on the island. They're how you get your hands on some of the best rewards in the game: including Gosaku's Armour and the Kensei Armour.

Whether you’re tracking down the cursed bow of a revered archer or demon-blessed robes, these are items you’ll really want to pick up during your adventure.

The 7 Mythic Tales are spread across the game’s 3 acts, but aren’t marked on your map straight away.

Here’s where to find each and every Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima - as well as how to complete them.

Be advised, I’ll split them up by act so you don’t see too much but take this as a spoiler warning for map locations.

Ghost of Tsushima Mythic Tales locations

Act 1 Mythic Tales

There are three Mythic Tales to complete in the first act of the game: The Heavenly Strike, The Legend of Tadayori, and The Curse of Uchitsune.

All of which give you interesting and useful rewards for the rest of the game.

The Heavenly Strike

Your first Mythic Tale -The Heavenly Strike - is found to the southwest of Golden Temple, between River Falls Bridge and Brown River Gorge.

It’s one of the more straightforward Mythic Tales, but rewards you with a powerful special move which quickly dispatches staggered enemies.

To begin, find the musician at the location marked on you map, then continue down the road in the direction of the guiding wind to find the bridge. Underneath the bridge is a woman you need to speak to.

Follow her to a Mongol camp and defeat the enemies.

Find the white-leafed tree

From the Mongol camp, leave via the front entrance and go up the hill in front of you to Plum Blossom Shrine. Scale the shrine and you’ll find the white-leafed tree at its summit.

Survey the area from next to the tree and you’ll see another grove of trees. Climb down the cliff face to your right and follow the guiding wind to the grove. Inside bear right and you’ll find a house where you need to rescue a hostage.

Defeat the enemies and speak to the hostage to receive your final objective: Travel to Shigenori’s Rest.

This location is found to the east coast of the island, right next to Black Sands Inlet.

The Legend of Tadayori

Speak to the musician by the campfire in the west of Azamo, west of where it says Azamo Foothills on the map, to begin your next Mythic Tale.

Ride or fast travel up to northern Azamo near Ki’s Pond. You’ll find the Crown of Violets you’re looking for at the following location:

Legend of Tadayori Painting Map Location

The map painting you collect on top of the crown of violets points you across the nearby river to a cave at the following location:

Crawl under the gap in the rock formation to enter Tadayori’s Rest and follow the objectives before heading far to the south towards Azamo Bay.

Complete the objectives at the location marked on your map to claim your prize.

The Curse of Uchitsune

This musician is found just to the north of Hiyoshi Springs, up on the hill. It’s probably the most esoteric of all of the Mythic Tales, so we’ll show map screens of where you need to go.

Follow the Blue Flowers

Your first objective is to find and follow blue flowers on the west coast of the island.

The location you’re looking for is a large rock formation - called Uchitsune’s Tomb - covered in flowers, here:

Inside you’ll find a painting map which points you to an island also covered with blue flowers. You will find it further up the coast to the north, past Mending Rock Shrine. Here on the map:

You’ll find yet another painting. This time it directs you to a mountain. You find this near the Survivor camp to the west, between the Jade Hills and Yoichi’s Slope:

Complete the objectives at the shrine here to finish off the Mythic Tale.

Act 2 Mythic Tales

In act 2, you're set on the path of Gosaku's Armour and the Kensei armour, but also the incredibly useful Dance of Death move.

These Mythic Tales are much longer and more circuitous than those in the last act, but no less worth it.

The Unbreakable Gosaku - Gosaku's Armour

While it’s one of the longer Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima, The Unbreakable Gosaku nets you one the best armour sets in the game - so it’s well worth doing.

This quest tasks you with collecting 6 keys from Mongol camps and occupied farmsteads to access the reward.

It’s simple enough, and the objectives are all marked on your map.

You’ll find the musician for The Unbreakable Gosaku just to the south of Akashima village in the south of the Act 2 map.

You then need to liberate 6 different locations:

  • Koshimizu Farmstead - Act 2 area - northeast of Kushi Temple
  • Ijima Farmstead - Act 2 area - northeast of Akashima Village
  • Yagata Farmstead - Act 1 area - between Yagata Forest and Kashine Forest on the map
  • Kuta Farmstead - Act 1 area - southeast of Golden Temple
  • Ohama Fishing Village - Act 1 area - in the west, west of Lake Kunehama
  • Liberate Aoi Village - Act 1 area - south coast, north from Kijo Isle

With all of them out of the way, you’ll get a marker on your map to head to a hill in Akashima:

Make your way there, climb to the summit, and collect your prize. When fully upgraded, as shown in the screen below, the Gosaku Armour gives you a "massive" increase to health, a "major" increase to stagger damage - so you can break through enemy guards much more quickly - and the ability that killing enemies you stagger restores 20% of your health.

The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance

If you’re not sold on completing all of the Mythic Tales, then The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance is the one you want to spend your time with.

The Dance of Wrath is a great special move that you’ll get a lot of use out of - especially in boss fights.

To find the musician for this Mythic Tale, head to the centre of the Act 2 area between the Ruins of Old Yarikawa and Rebel’s Last Stand.

Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance shrine locations:

After the story, you’ll get the objective to search Old Yarikawa for smoke above a shrine.

I found the first one here, south of the Ruins of Old Yarikawa marker:

You then need to investigate the nearby refugee camp, before following a man to give him advice.

I then found the second shrine here, up in the northwest of the area next to the bridge towards Kushi:

After completing the campsite objective I then found another shrine on top of the hill in the middle of the burned out village:

Follow the guiding wind towards the sounds of combat, then when you need to enter the home, do so through the hole in the roof.

I found the final shrine here, on the northern edge of the search area:

To get to the Garden of the Gods, return towards the burned out village and head towards the southeast corner of the search area - you’ll know the right place because of the fireflies:

The Six Blades of Kojiro - Kensei Armour

The Six Blades of Kojiro is found in Umugi Cove in the southwest of the Act 2 map.

It’s heartily recommended that you complete the previous Mythic Tale - The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance - because it will make the following duels a lot easier.

As you’d expect, there are 6 to find around the Act 2 map. All of them are marked on your map so shouldn’t give you much trouble to track down.

They’re some of the most difficult fights in the game, so equip melee buffing and damage reducing charms, as well as your best armour.

Duel of Crashing Waves location

The only one that’s a little difficult to find is the Duel of Crashing Waves. To get down to its beach location, you need to go through the entrance to the nearby Cloud Ridge Shrine.

Head through the archway and the path will lead down towards the sea. You’ll find the ronin you need to duel fishing.

Once all 6 of the acolytes are down, you need to return to Umugi Cove to get your final objective: an invitation to one final duel at Omi Monastery. It’s up to the north, just southwest of Jin home in Omi Village.

Act 3 Mythic Tales

While there's no shiny equipment up for grabs in the third act, you do learn a strong new technique which lets you break through the guard of even the most staunch foe.

The Undying Flame

The frozen north of Tsushima is difficult to navigate. Spend too long in the subzero temperatures and you’ll freeze to death. If you’re going to survive, then you’ll need a way of generating your own warmth.

That’s where the final Mythic Tale - The Undying Flame - comes in.

To start this quest you need to speak to the alling musician just to the north of Jogkau Temple. He’ll tell you of a secret dojo at the summit of Mount Jogaku, dedicated to teaching worthy travellers the Way of the Flame.

From the musician, set off northeast towards Mount Jogaku and you’ll see a rope bridge over a frozen river leading to a fire on the other side.

Your goal in this Mythic Tale is to scurry up Mount Jogaku between campfires before you freeze to death. The first one is here on the map:

From there, head right and use your iron hook to jump across the ledge, then climb up the hand holds on the cliff face in front of you. There’s a campfire to rest at when you reach the top.

Look above you further up the mountain and you’ll see the next campfire at the top of another cliff face:

Climb the rocks to reach it and speak to the huddling ronin. From the ronin’s fire, go right and swing across the gap with your grappling hook. Then grapple to the wall on your left and shimmy across the rest of the way.

Now run a little further up the hill and ignite the fire on your right:

From here you can see the flags of another ignitable campfire further up the path - make your way there:

Now it’s time to make you final push up the mountain. From the campfire turn around and follow the path around to your right, then climb the wall on your left.

Jump straight over the bear - seriously, ignore it or you’ll die - and continue climbing up the rock face with the aid of your grappling hook.

At the top, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Follow the linear steps before returning to the musician to report your findings.

Iki Island Mythic Tales

The new Director's Cut expansion to Ghost of Tsushima introduces two Mythic Tales, both of which can have a big effect on the way you play.

Not only can you grab some cool equipment for Jin, but his trusty equine companion too.

The Legend of Black Hand Riku

The Legend of Black Hand Riku begins in Fune's Refuge, soon after you reach Iki Island in the expansion.

Speak to the storyteller and, after a short cutscene, they'll tell you to seek out their old crewmate for more information.

Go to the following location on the map and rescue her from bandits

Next, after resting at her camp, head to the northeast to find the glowing water.

Swim through the glowing water until you reach an area marked as the "Mysterious Cave".

Make your way through the linear cave, shooting the doused braziers with flaming arrows to light your way.

Steel yourself for a tough battle at the end of the path. Then leave the area by following the guiding wind through the nearby hole in the wall.

Test out your new threads in the encounter outside, then continue your quest to liberate Iki!

The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai

Grappling with memories of his father's death, Jin travells southeast to Zasho Bay to begin the second Mythic Tale of Iki Island: The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai.

Your destination is a village in the hollowed-out innards of a scuttled ship. Speak to the locals, and when they kick you out for defending the Sakai name, sneak back in using the grappling line ot the left of the front entrance.

Sneak through the small hole in the hut on the other side, then climb down the ladder in front of you and evesdrop at the window.

This sets you off on a treasure hunt in the nearby bay, where you'll need to jump, climb and swim your way to your prize.

Climb through the middle of the shipwrecks, and you should be able to pick a path forwards.

When there's nowhere left to go, jump into the water and swim under the broken ships' hulls to advance.

At the dead end around that corner, look for a mast you can break with your grappling hook.

Dropping this gives you a path to go back around and swing over to another shipwreck further out to sea.

Destroy the mast here too, and continue jumping, swinging and swimming through the surf.

When you reach the sea, you have to jump from rock-to-rock before the waves knock you off into the ocean. But once you reach the other side, you just need to use the linear path to where the armour is lost.

Test out your new equipment, and you'll have a powerful new tool to take into the rest of your adventure!

For more help with Ghost of Tsushima, we have maps on where to find all of the Fox Dens, Hot Springs, and Bamboo Strikes.

We also have a page on the best Ghost Weapons and techniques, as well as how to farm supplies and materials quickly.

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