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Ghost of Tsushima Full map - where to find every sword kit, vanity item and secret hat easter egg

Who would've thought a samurai needed so many hats?

With the release of Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PS5, there's never been a better excuse to fully explore its huge open world.

But with the fog of war clouding Tsushima, it can be tempting to traipse around every nook and cranny to fill in the blanks and complete the map. We've done the hard graft for you and tracked down each and every vanity item to be had in the game - including the secret hats which aren't marked on the map. And we've also updated this page to include images of every single sword kit in the game - as well as their locations.

If you're having trouble tracking things down, remember, once you've finished the game and ejected the last of the Mongol invaders, you'll get unrestricted access to Ghost of Tsushima's full map. Finally, those sword kits, fancy hats and masks will be yours!

Some of these more special items you can find include easter eggs harking back to Sucker Punch Productions' earlier games including the Sly Cooper series and Infamous: Second Son. Namely, the Sly Tankui Sword Kit and Band of the Second Son headband, which you can track down in act 2 and 3.

We've marked the regular vanity items in yellow on the map segments - split into acts to avoid unnecessary spoilers - and the secret hats, headbands, and masks in blue. We'll also list their locations below.

Ghost of Tsushima Full Map - Act 1 Vanity Items:

Despite being early in the game, there are plenty of cool vanity items to find.

Ghost of Tsushima Full Map - Act 2 Vanity Items:

In the second area of Ghost of Tsushima, you can find one of your first easter eggs - the Band of the Second Son - on top of the pagoda at Omi Monastery.

Ghost of Tsushima Full Map - Act 3 Vanity Items:

With the entire island open to you, it's time to mop up the rest of the kits, hats, and masks - including the Sly Tanuki on the east coast.

Ghost of Tsushima - all sword kits at Pillars of Honor

Most of the best sword kits in Ghost of Tsushima are found at the Pillars of Honor shown on the map above. Here's a list of what you'll find at each one. We'll then embedded a gallery of everything so you can pick out which ones you like.

Ghost of Tsushima Act 1 Sword Kits:

Ghost of Tsushima Sword Kits Act 1
Sword Kit NameSword Kit Location
Yasha's Embers Southeast of Hiyoshi Spring
Young Spring BambooNorthwest of Shigenori Peak and Komatsu Forge
Genbu’s DarknessUp by First General’s Field and Trader’s Forest
Twilight OniWakou’s Island of the SE coast
Warrior’s BrushOverlooking Sibling Rocks of east coast
Mamushi VenomNorth of Azamo Foothills, south of Sakimori Overlook
Fuujin’s SecretNorth of Kaneda Inlet

Ghost of Tsushima Act 2 Sword Kits:

Ghost of Tsushima Sword Kits Act 2
Sword Kit NameSword Kit Location
Duelling FestivalOn eastern shore next to Old Togo Rice Fields
Moon Bear’s PawEastern shore next to Hakutaku Forest
Breath of HachimanSouth of Old Kanazawa Marsh
Gold Koi RiverSouth of Old Toyotama Hills
Yuzu PeelOn the west coast of the island, near Sibling Bay
Bishamon’s FortuneNorth of Little Monk’s Pond
Hunting BearNorth of Yoshinaka Bay, northwest of Ichi’s Inn
Hijiki in SunlightWest of Kasumasa’s Isle, south of Old Clan’s Hill
Warrior’s FaithSoutheast of Umugi Cove, out into the sea

Ghost of Tsushima Act 3 Sword Kits:

Ghost of Tsushima Sword Kits Act 3
Sword Kit NameSword Kit Location
Midnight HanabiJust north of Kin Sanctuary
Tankuki’s BrushJust north of Mouth Jogaku, east of General Dogshin’s Camp
Hidden ForestOn the edge of Cape Izumi in the north east
Island’s KeeperTo the southeast of Jogaku Temple
Sly TankukiNortheast of Iwai Village on the east coast of the island
Azure Dragon To the northeast of Kin Village, east of the Endless Forest
Shogun's StormTo the southwest of Bitter Hills, southeast of Fort Kikuchi

Outside of the Pillars of Honor sword kits, there are a few more to pick up. They are:

Ghost of Tsushima - all secret hat vanity items

  1. Wanderer’s Straw Hat - Act 1 area - By the side of the road near Cloud Pass and Exile’s Bluff, southeast of Fallen Outpost
  2. Oni’s Blade Straw Hat - Act 1 area - On the coast north of Kuta Grasslands - Kuta Farmstead there’s a hat on a plough waterwheel in the middle of the farm field
  3. Warrior’s Sunset Headband - Act 1 area - On top of the pagoda in Golden Temple when you get the iron hook
  4. Aozora Headband - Act 1 area - collect from arrow target on cliff edge behind Sensei Ishikawa's Dojo
  5. Natural Vengeance Headband - Act 1 area - On top of Ariake Lighthouse
  6. Chikurin Headband - Act 1 area - On the shipwrecked boat at the southern edge of River Child’s Wetlands
  7. Forgemaster’s Headband - Act 1 area - In the rafters above the swordsmith in Komatsu Forge
  8. Healer’s Headband - Act 2 area - second floor of burned out pagoda north of Akashima village, grapple to second floor to get it
  9. Wood Spirit Straw Hat - Act 2 area - On statue’s head in pond southwest of Firefly Marsh
  10. Gyozen’s Blindfold - Act 2 area - Top of tower northwest of Kubara Lighthouse, and east of Fort Koyasan
  11. Riverbed Straw Hat - Act 2 area - Southeast of where it says Kushi Grasslands on the map, on top of the shack
  12. Plum Blossom Headband - Act 2 area - On top of the pagoda at Kushi Temple
  13. Toyotama Strawn Hat - Act 2 area - Southeast of where it says Yoshinaka Bay on the cliffedge
  14. Band of the Second Son - Act 2 area - On top of the pagoda at Omi Monastery
  15. Ivory of Woe - Act 2 area - In front of the dead mask dude outside house at Kubara Crossing
  16. Tengai - Act 3 area - Down the hill, just to the southwest of Jogaku Temple in act 3
  17. Seiryuu’s Glare - Act 3 area - Hanging up in Sago Mill barn
  18. Sago Blue Headband - Act 3 area - On top of the pagoda at Cedar Temple
  19. Crooked Kama Headband - Act 3 area - Top of pagoda at the southern end of Jogaku Temple next to the frozen lake
  20. Skeletal Vengeance - Act 3 area - On table in workshop at Stonecutter’s Village

Of those, the Crooked Kama Headband and Band of the Second Son are the Sucker Punch easter eggs.

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