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Ghost of Tsushima Shrine of Ash | How to get God of War armor

Kratos' armor is locked behind a fairly simple puzzle, but you need the right gear first.

Ghost of Tsushima Shrine of Ash is one of the three new Wind Shrines with a special Easter egg on offer.

Completing the Shrine of Ash gives Jin a set of armor inspired by Kratos from God of War. It’s not the most challenging of the three, but it still taxes the little grey cells with its poetic riddle.

Ghost of Tsushima Shrine of Ash | Shrine of Ash location

The Shrine of Ash location is north of the Yahata Forest map label near Tatsu’s Ladder. It’s a bit tough to spot at first, though you’ll know you’re on the right track when you see white birch trees. These surround the shrine, but accessing it is a little more difficult.

You can only get to the Shrine of Ash from its western side, where you’ll see a staircase carved into the stone.

This shrine’s puzzle is:

In fall, a tree fruits which grows from seed to sapling a stranger and son. Boy, honor your father's fight. Show him the strength of your blade

If you’ve completed Ghost of Tsushima Act 2, you probably know what comes next. If not, head back to the base game’s story and progress up through Act 2.

Ghost of Tsushima Shrine of Ash | How to get Sakai Clan armor

You need the Sakai Clan armor Jin’s father once wore, and obtaining that is part of the main narrative. You’ll get it automatically after finishing the Ghost from the Past story mission.

Ghost of Tsushima Shrine of Ash | How to get God of War armor

Wear the Sakai Clan armor, then stand in the shrine. Draw your sword… and that’s it. A short scene plays, then Jin gets the Helm of War, Spartan face mask, and Ghost of Sparta vestment for the Sakai Clan armor.

The shrine challenges are just one part of the new Iki Island expansion. The Bokken Tournament is another grueling test of your skills, and here's where to find every collectable hat, swork kit, and easter egg.

If you haven't tackled the Blood Stained Shrine yet, here's how to get the Bloodborne armor set as well.

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