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Ghost of Tsushima Blood Stained Shrine solution | How to get Kensei Armor

Getting the Bloodborne armor in Ghost of Tsushima is easier than you might think, but there's one key prerequisite to complete.

Ghost of Tsushima Blood Stained Shrine is one of Iki Island’s new miniature challenges with a unique reward in store.

Deciphering the clue and successfully completing the riddle earns Jin the Bloodborne Armor. The solution is less complicated than it seems, though you’ll have some legwork to do first.

Ghost of Tsushima Blood Stained Shrine | Blood Stained Shrine location

The Blood Stained Shrine is southwest of Kidafure’s Battlefield, just north of the “Co” portion of the Conoura Cape map label. The shrine’s clue to completing its challenge reads:

A Forgotten Shrine The first green of spring sickens to black, decaying, plagued by blood and beast. Hunter, reject death’s allure. Prepare to duel man’s frailty

The last part is the important one, but not just yet. First, you have a Mythic Tale to complete, assuming you haven’t done it already.

Ghost of Tsushima Blood Stained Shrine | How to get Kensei Armor

You have to wear Kensei Armor to solve the shrine’s puzzle, and you’ll only acquire that by completing the Six Blades of Kojiro Mythic Tale. Travel to Umugi Cove and speak with Yamato. He tasks you with defeating five mini-bosses across the island, which are marked with swordsman icons on the map.

Once that’s done, speak with Yamato again. Now you’ll have to defeat Kojiro at the Omi Monastery. Speak with Yamato once more, and you’ll get the Kensei Armor.

Ghost of Tsushima Blood Stained Shrine | Blood Stained Shrine solution

Equip the armor, and head back to the shrine. Jump down from the rocks surrounding the shrine so Jin takes damage, then heal at the shrine itself. Watch the ensuing cutscene, and you’ll get the Yharnam Helmet and Yharnam Vestments.

The shrine challenges are just one part of the new Iki Island expansion. The Bokken Tournament is another grueling test of your skills, and here's where to find every collectable hat, swork kit, and easter egg.

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