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Genshin Impact teaser reveals full cast of Fatui Harbingers ahead of 3.0 Sumeru release

This collective of antagonist previously had been a faceless threat - until now.

Today marks a massive moment in the Genshin Impact narrative - as we’ve seen each and every member of the Fatui Harbingers revealed in a new cinematic teaser trailer (aside from Scaramouche who is still in Inazuma causing problems). These, if you don’t know, are major antagonists who we’ve been fighting ever since the game first released back in 2020, although the majority of them remained anonymous until now.

This trailer, embedded below, was released as a teaser for the events taking place in version 3.0 of Genshin Impact - the next major update coming to the game. All the baddies have grouped up for a quick funeral for one of their compatriots Rosaylne, who was killed largely thanks to our own actions as well as Inazuma’s Raiden Shogun.

Watch the teaser for yourself here, and meet the bad guys you'll be fighting for the next few years.

Aside from Childe - who has become somewhat of a friend to the player character and sits in the background of this meeting of antagonists - we are introduced briefly to a series of new faces. A mix of old and young members each with their own roles in the group, we also have a name for each face thanks to Genshin’s trusty collective of leakers. We’ve included the names of each member below, but not any of their additional background info to avoid spoilers.

We also get some hints towards future story developments, including the motivation for the group. It seems like The Tsaritza - the ruler of the ice nation where the Fatui call their home - is all about ensuring world peace. Although, it’s clear from the actions of her gaggle of bad guys that this is a twisted interpretation of the goal, like how the Raiden Shogun from Inazuma wanted Eternity by taking everyone’s powers, closing the borders, and cutting people’s heads off with her lightning katana.

As a final stinger, we see one of the Fatsui burning down a giant tree at the heart of Sumeru as newly revealed Dendro character Collei wakes up from a dream - essentially pointing to the high stakes of our adventure in the new region later this year.

Has all this got you excited? Are you a longtime fan happy to see the Fatui Harbingers after all this time? Or are you a new player curious about what all the fuss is about? Let us know below!

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