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Genshin Impact's Energy Amplifier Fruition event is nearly here

Running from Christmas Eve to January 3, you'll be able to take on the Deceitful domain for ample rewards

A whole new event is going live in Genshin Impact tomorrow, called the Energy Amplifier Fruition event, which gives players who haven’t got a lot going on this holiday break a much needed time-sink.

So for those of you out there looking for an opportunity to earn some rewards including primo gems, mora, and upgrade materials, this article will break down the event so that once it goes live you know exactly what’s in store.

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First things first, you need to be at least adventure rank 20 or above to take part in the Energy Amplifier Fruition event. You must travel to Hosseini in Liyue to grab over the Energy Amplifier off him. With this gizmo, you’ll be able to grab Irminsul Fruit Fragments from across the world that will allow you to configure the gadget.

With this charged up and ready to go, you can head to the Deceitful Domain to earn rewards. Sounds simple right? Well, there’s far more to this event than taking on the domain for the first time.

Heading back to locations where the Fruit fragments were hidden will reveal powered-up enemies you can take on. Beating these will provide additional rewards, including mora and primo gems.

The Energy Amplifier allows players to use the fruit fragments and power themselves up. This is important, as it lets you head back to the Deceitful Domain and earn greater rewards by hitting higher and higher scores.

Genshin Impact’s Energy Amplifier Fruition event lasts from December 24 - January 3 at 3:59 server time! So be sure to jump in and test it out while you can!

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