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Genshin Impact : Of Drink A-Dreaming guide - all drink recipes

Want to know all the drink recipes in the Genshin Impact Of Drink A-Dreaming event? Here are all the drinks and how to make them

If you’ve logged into Genshin Impact for the Of Drink A-Dreaming event recently, you may be wondering how to create all the drinks in the bartending minigame. As a limited time event available only for the next few days, players will want to unlock all of the recipes available in order to unlock the limited time awards linked with this fun side activity.

To help you out, this guide will take you through all of the craftable recipes in the game currently. As a note, not all the recipes are craftable at this current time, as certain ingredients are not yet unlocked. As they are, we’ll update this guide accordingly.

Of Drink A-Dreaming: All drink recipes

Listed below are all of the currently unlocked drink recipes currently available in Genshin Impact’s Of Drink A-Dreaming event:


  • Athenaeum - 3x coffee
  • Moonlit Alley - 1x coffee / 1x milk / 1x cocoa paste
  • Golden Eden - 2x coffee / 1x milk
  • Night of Swirling Stars - 1x coffee / 2x milk
  • Caramel Pinecone - 1x coffee / 1x milk / 1x caramel
  • Foamy Reef - 2x coffee / 1x fizzy water


  • Scholar’s Afternoon - 2x tea / 1x milk
  • Brightcrown - 1x tea / 2x milk
  • Boreal Watch - 1x tea / 1x milk / 1x mint
  • Laughter and cheer - 1x tea / 1x milk / 1x cocoa paste
  • Tart Brilliance - 2x tea / 1x lemon
  • Misty Garden - 3x Tea
  • Love Poem - 1x tea / 1x milk / 1x caramel


  • Gray Valley Sunset - 3x juice
  • Sweet Cider Lake - 1x juice / 2x milk
  • Dawning Dew - 2x juice / 1x fizzy water
  • Barbatos’ Boon - 1x juice / 1x fizzy water / 1x mint
  • Snow Covered Kiss - 2x juice / 1x milk
  • Birch Sap - 2x juice / 1x lemon


  • Stroke of Night - 1x coffee / 1x tea / 1x milk
  • Dusk - 1x tea / 2x juice

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