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How to feed klomberries to a Klombo in Fortnite

Turn it to K for Klombo

The big Tricky Towers update is live, and with it comes a new milestone quest - Feed Klomberries to a Klombo in Fortnite.

For now, the Klombo only roams in one broad area in the southern part of the map. The Klomberries are a bit more difficult to find, and actually feeding them to the creature is a bit of a process in itself.

Where is the Klombo location in Fortnite?

The Klombo lives in the Haven’s Oasis region. If you land there, it should be lumbering somewhere around the east of the oasis itself. However, it moves rather quickly and tends to wander around. In the time it took me to find Klomberries, it had meandered down to the coast and destroyed some boats.

Since the oasis is near the map’s southern edge, you’ll want to land nearby and knock this quest out quickly. The storm closes in fast and, unless the eye is near you, you probably won’t be able to make it to safety without taking a lot of damage.

Still, it’s possibly worth sticking around for a little bit if you don’t have any equipment yet. The Klombo periodically spouts items from a blowhole on its back, including medkits and weapons, so if you’re fast, you can outfit yourself pretty well and get out of there before the storm intensifies.

The Klombo is also invincible, but you won’t want to hurt it. Attacking the Klombo sends it into a rage, during which phase you can’t get it to eat anything.

Where are the Klomberry locations in Fortnite?

Klomberries are bright blue raspberry-adjacent berries that grow in small clusters on bushes. I only found three bushes in the area southwest of the oasis. Whether someone else already gathered them or these are the only bushes is still uncertain. You need five Klomberries, so harvest all three bushes and make your way back to the Klombo

How to feed Klomberries to the Klombo in Fortnite

Feeding Klomberries takes a bit of patience. You’ll need to aim as if you were aiming a weapon or grenade toss and then throw the berries at the Klombo. The Klombo will stop and create a suction vortex that sucks up one Klomberry – and only one Klomberry. You’ll need to repeat the process all five times, as the Klombo apparently can’t handle two berries at once.

The quest is completed after it eats the fifth berry, and you get 8,000 XP.

That's it for how to feed klomberries to the Klombo in Fortnite, but make sure not to neglect your other seasonal challenges. Harvest stone at Shifty Shafts is an easy one, but while you’re in Sanctuary finding telescope parts, you can pick up the Device and take care of some signal jammers to earn even more XP.

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