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Fortnite dirt bike locations: Where to find the new vehicle

Down and dirty

Tracking down dirt bike locations in Fortnite is more difficult than you might expect, as the battle royale’s new Chapter 4 vehicle doesn’t seem to show up in fixed spots.

Instead, you’ll need to do a bit of searching, and even then, you might not get lucky unless someone else gives up their bike.

Once you do finally hitch a ride, though, the dirt bike is one of the more enoyable vehicles and a handy one for causing a bit of mayhem.

Fortnite dirt bike locations

The crummy thing about Fortnite dirt bike locations is that they don’t seem to be fixed. Shortly after Chapter 4 launched, some players initially believed they only spawned in garages or at gas stations. Five matches later, however, and I never saw a dirt bike in either of these locations.

The same goes for farmsteads and the more rural locations where you might expect to find a lone dirt bike. When I did find my first dirt bike, it was on the road in the Brutal Bastion area, northeast of The Citadel. Others seem to have had luck finding their bikes in the snowy region as well.

Fortnite dirt bike locations: A map showing the Fortnite chapter 4 map, including snowy regions where you can find dirt bikes

Check there first, and if not, it may be worth just checking where vehicles normally spawn. I also found a taxi cab near The Citadel once – not the setting where you’d expect to find a modern car – so there may be few laws governing what vehicles spawn and where.

Why is the dirt bike special in Fortnite?

Fortnite dirt bike locations: An animated character in spiky black armor is riding a motorcycle across a snowy hill. He is aiming a shotgun at a tree.

The dirt bike has a few special perks that make it worth seeking out if you have the patience. Top speeds are a bit faster than some other common vehicles, and you can aim and fire while you’re riding along. Just mind yourself if you have the Shockwave Hammer from an Oathbound Chest equipped. Using it sends you flying off the bike.

You can also pull of tricks in the air, wheelies on the ground, and generally just have a bit of fun while you hunt down competitors. Pair it with one of the new Augments that reduces vehicle fuel consumption, and you’ll be pretty difficult to pin down for long.

Bear in mind that the bike’s handling is fiddly compared to other vehicles as well. Turns are a bit sharper, you can get stuck under someone’s builds, and you might accidentally ride up a tree a few times before you can finally back out of the woods and be on your merry way.

Still, you need the dirt bike to complete some of Chapter 4’s new challenges, and if you want to max out your Battle Pass XP, you’ll want to complete these sooner rather than later. Chapter 4’s weekly challenges don’t carry over.

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