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Two Fallout: London mod developers have been offered jobs at Bethesda

Only one of the modders accepted a job, while the other will stay on to finish the project.

Bethesda has offered jobs to two developers that have been working on the incredibly impressive looking Fallout London mod.

Earlier this week (June 30), the Fallout London Twitter account had some news to share regarding the Fallout 4 mod. Specifically, that one of the developers working on the mod, Ryan Johnson, was leaving the team to go work at Bethesda as an associate level designer.

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Johnson had served as the lead technical advisor on the mod, where he gave advice (as the name suggests) to the team's level designers. The announcement noted that the Fallout London team had known about the move for a while, so Johnson has apparently prepared some design documentation to help the rest of the team progress without any problems.

Johnson wasn't the only one to be offered a job though, as project lead Dean Carter had also been offered a job at Bethesda, specifically at UK based studio Double Eleven to help work on Fallout 76. However, Carter didn't opt for the same path as Johnson, and apparently declined the offer, instead wanting to continue working on Fallout: London.

"It is worth remembering that many people try and use large scale mod projects like this for pure CV padding and routes into the industry," notes the announcement post. "But some people like [Dean Carter] do it truly for the community, for the team, for you."

The mod in question, which received a lengthy gameplay trailer back in May, is described as a DLC-sized mod, and is looking incredibly impressive so far. The main series has only ever been set in the US, but this mod brings us to London, and comes complete with some original voice lines.

And in line with past Fallout games, there are even a couple of celebrity guests at the start of the game, on this occasion two classic Doctor Who actors, Sylvestor McCoy and Colin Baker.

While a release date hasn't been set yet, Fallout London will still probably be out before the officially confirmed, but not started, Fallout 5.

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