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Fallout 4 mod set in London features the voices of two classic Doctor Whos

An incredibly impressive-looking "DLC-sized mod."

An incredibly impressive mod for Fallout 4 called Fallout London, first revealed last year, has shown off around 20 minutes of gameplay.

All mods are equal, but some mods are more equal than others. That happens to be the case with this particular mod, Fallout London, which essentially looks like an entire game in its own right. A new gameplay trailer shows off what looks to be the first roughly 20 minutes of gameplay for the "DLC-sized mod," with a pretty classic style opening. There's a slideshow explaining what happens when the bombs dropped in London, because war never changes, as we all know.

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Then of course, it starts you out in some kind of mysterious lab, where two scientists are studying you. There's even some original voice acting! The wildest part about that though, is that these two scientists are voiced by none other than Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker, the seventh and sixth Doctors from Doctor Who respectively. Quite the bit of talent to open up the game with, and certainly impressive for a fan project.

Of course, what is a gameplay trailer without some gameplay. After being left alone, you literally punch your way out of your glass prison, and set off on your journey. And then after punching some rats, eventually you find the British version of the Pip Boy, the Atta Boy, complete with an original design.

Eventually you find your way out of the lab, and make your way to a London underground train that manages to play the exact sound a London underground train makes, which is honestly just great. The trailer ends with you departing on the train, off to some other part of the city presumably.

There's no date for when the mod is expected to launch, but hopefully soon, seeing as Bethesda's next big title Starfield recently saw a delay.

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