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Elden Ring Jar Bairn quest guide: How to find Jar Bairn's potentate

A potentate for the potent pot.

Update: We've streamlined the information on this page and added some additional tips so that you have no trouble completing Jar Bairn's quest.

The Elden Ring Jar Bairn quest is a long and sad one centered around a little pot kid in the hidden town of Jarburg.

Jar Bairn’s quest involves the death of two NPCs in Elden Ring, but at the end of the tragic tale, you get a new talisman that’s an ideal fit for anyone who relies on throwing items. Here's how to complete Jar Bairn's quest.

How do you start Jar Bairn’s quest in Elden Ring?

Jar Bairn’s quest doesn’t officially start until much later in the game, though you can meet him at any time in Jarburg. Jarburg is underneath the Carian Study Hall, and you can access it by jumping down the gravestones south of the tower, near where you fought Liurnia's spin on the Tibia Mariner.

When you meet with Jar Bairn, exhaust his dialogue. Then reload the area and speak to him again. He asks you to pick flowers, but doesn’t mention which ones. The town has Poisonbloom, Miquella’s Lily, and a few Tarnished Sunflowers, so just grab at least one of each.

While exploring Jarburg and picking flowers, make sure to not destroy any of the other jars across Jarburg. Doing so will upset the Jar Bairn, and you will not be able to complete his quest.

If you’ve started Alexander’s quest – which you can do by freeing him from the ground near the bridge over Murkwater – reload the area and speak with Jar Bairn a third time. This time, he tells you about Alexander. If he is sleeping, you will need to meet with Iron Fist Alexander and then return to speak with Jar Bairn.

Following this, reload one more time and chat with the wee sprat a fourth time. He’ll talk about poachers.

How do you find Jar Bairn’s potentate?

The next step in Jar Bairn's quest unlocks after Diallos leaves Volcano Manor.

If you haven't met Diallos yet, his quest begins back in Liurnia. This happens either when you defeat Haslow and Diallos realizes he’s had enough, or if you defeat Rykard first. Everyone also leaves after that, including Rya, so hold off beating him until you’re sure you’ve finished with the Manor. Following either event, Diallos will move to Jarburg.

Once Diallos is gone, head back to Jarburg and speak with Jar Bairn once again, exhausting his dialogue as usual. Find Diallos and chat with him too, then reload the area and speak with them both again. You may have to rest at the Site of Grace there for their dialogue to change.

Reload it again, and you’ll find Jar Bairn in a different area, reflecting on what it means to be a Warrior Jar. You can reload one more time and collect Diallos’ Mask and a Numen Rune if you want to.

What are Alexander’s Insides for?

The final step of Jar Bairn’s quest involves finishing Alexander’s quest, by battling the would-be pot champion in Crumbling Farum Azula. One of the items you receive for this fight is the Alexander’s Innards key item.

Take that back to Jar Bairn, then reload the area again to find that the Jar Bairn is gone. In his place is the Companion Jar talisman, which increases the effects of all thrown pot items.

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