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Elden Ring Diallos quest guide: Where to find Lanya

Fire, fury, and fickle hearts.

Update: We've streamlined the information on this page and added some additional tips so that you have no trouble completing Diallos' quest.

The Diallos quest in Elden Ring is one of the more involved NPC questlines, and it finally has a proper ending - though it's not necessarily a good one.

It’ll take you to some dangerous locations, and you'll have to join Volcano Manor to finally push Diallos forward. It might seem distasteful, but you'll get some rare weapons in the process. Volcano Manor is also home to some of Elden Ring's hidden lore, and later on, you'll spend some time with the good jar folk of Liurnia.

Where is Lanya in Elden Ring?

Diallos, one of the well-armored Tarnished in Roundtable Hold, mentions he’s looking for his servant Lanya when you first speak with him.

There’s no indication where she might be, but he asks you to let him know if you find her. He vanishes from Roundtable Hold following this conversation – relocating to a spot near the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace – but it seems like you can still progress his quest even if you didn’t speak to him in Roundtable Hold first.

Lanya is in Liurnia of the Lakes with Diallos at this point, or more accurately, her body is. You’ll find her corpse north and slightly west of the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace. Here, Diallos’ laments will reach your ears before the scene comes into view, so you know you’re on the right track if you start seeing them on screen.

It's also worth noting that if you head to Volcano Manor before this or during, Diallos' quest will not be able to be completed.

He mentions a house of despicable fiends, but there’s not much else you can do here. The house in question is Volcano Manor on Mt. Gelmir. You need to activate the Dectus Lift with two halves of the Dectus Medallion before you can even reach Mt. Gelmir, and that takes time.

Following this, Diallos will be headed to Volcano Manor, so we should probably join him.

Where are the Dectus Medallion Halves in Elden Ring?

We've outlined the medallion locations in greater detail, but here's a short version.

The first half is in Fort Haight in Limgrave, south of the well that takes you to Siofria River.

The second half is in a much deadlier area: Fort Faroth in Caelid. This is south of the Bestial Sanctum, near the giant dragon that grants you 70,000 Runes if you defeat it. The problem is, it’s full of bats and murderous harpies that can grab your head and kill you instantly. You’ll want to avoid engaging them in combat, run through and find the ladder at the other end of the room. Climb up it, and you’ll find the chest you need.

The Lift takes you to Altus Plateau, and Volcano Manor is to the west, through Seethewater (go north from Wyndham Ruins) and beyond Demi-Human Queen Maggie and Comet Azur.

Once you arrive, you’ll have a suite of other quests to potentially pick up. Finishing the Diallos quest involves visiting the manor and accessing the Drawing Room, where you'll pick up letters detailing various assassinations you need to complete for Tanith.

If you take the first letter from the Drawing Room, you can challenge Old Knight Istvan to a duel. Defeating him earns you the Scarlet Armor Set and, back in the Manor, the Magma Shot Sorcery. The next assassination tasks you with taking down another Tarnished, and after that, Diallos begins questioning his loyalties.

Once you finish the third and final Volcano Manor assassination or defeat Rykard, Diallos will leave the Manor for Jarburg, and his quest then intertwines with Jar Bairn's quest.

What to do with Diallos in Jarburg in Elden Ring

At this point, you'll want to make a start on Jar Bairn's quest, up until he begins talking about a new potentate. Go pass time at a nearby Site of Grace, and you'll then be able to speak with Diallos here.

After this, you'll want to make a start on Iron Fist Alexander's quest, have him fight alongside you against Starscourge Radahn, and then speak to the pot-man in the arena once again before leaving. Make sure to collect and rest at the Site of Grace here before leaving, too.

Once both of those requirements have been met, return to Diallos in Jarburg, who is now injured after the town was attacked. Speak to both Jar Bairn and Diallos' here, to which Diallos will ask whether he was successful in defending Jarburg. It's up to you what you say, as Diallos will then die no matter what option you pick, unfortunately.

After this, you can reload the area to loot Diallos' remains for his armor, Petal Whip, and a Numen's Rune.

Now, it's worth finishing up the Jar Bairn and Iron Fist Alexander quests. It's what Diallos would've wanted... and you can get some decent rewards.

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