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Elden Ring Brother Corhyn and Goldmask quest guide

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Update: We've streamlined the information on this page and added some additional tips so that you have no trouble completing Brother Corhyn and Goldmask's quests.

The Elden Ring Corhyn quest is one of the more straightforward NPC side quests in theory, but after following Corhyn and Goldmask to the capital of Leyndell, things take a rather more interesting turn. Corhyn's questline is also tied with one of Elden Ring's Age of Fracture endings.

Corhyn's quest only begins after you obtain two Great Runes, so it’s easy to miss unless you’re making a habit of talking to every NPC after major events. It’s also one of the least involved quests in terms of what you actually need to do, though you’ll probably need to respec to finish. Whatever your ending of preference, it's worth doing for the lore it delves into and the secrets of Marika and Radagon.

How to start Corhyn’s quest in Elden Ring

Corhyn’s quest starts after you get two Great Runes in whatever order. For most people, that’ll be after defeating Rennala in Liurnia, but it seems to trigger no matter which bosses you beat.

Head back to Roundtable Hold once you’ve obtained your Runes – no need to activate them in the Divine Towers for this – and speak with Corhyn. He says he’s leaving to find the legendary Goldmask.

What to do if Corhyn is gone in Elden Ring

You’ll encounter Corhyn next on Altus Plateau, north of the Altus Junction Site of Grace.

Corhyn is completing his search for Goldmask by remaining stationary next to the map stele. Speak with him, then move forward towards the bridge, past the Finger Reader. There’s a teleporter here that takes you to the other side of the sunken forest. Goldmask is at the end of the bridge, pointing into space. Speak with him (he doesn’t talk back), and go back to Corhyn.

Corhyn thanks you and says he’s leaving again. Go back to Goldmask, and speak with Corhyn again, who is now stood beside him.

He’ll have a few new Incantations for sale now, including the Discus of Light - decent, but not one of the best Incantations - but you’ll have to do a bit more traveling before the next leg of the quest.

How do you solve the “regression alone reveals secrets” riddle in Elden Ring?

The next step is near the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace in Leyndell, the capital city. You'll need to make sure that you do not defeat the Fire Giant or burn the Erdtree before doing the next steps of this quest; if you do, Corhyn Head northeast from the Site, and use the tree roots to access the floor above it. Turn right, leap onto the golden roof, and enter the open window at its pinnacle.

Follow the balcony around, then use the tree root to cross over the gap. There’s a chair suspended in midair with a corpse in it. Interact with the corpse to get the Golden Order Principia book, which you need for the next step.

Travel to the West Capital Ramparts Site of Grace, then head south up the stone path. Take a left when the road splits, and you’ll find Goldmask and Corhyn gazing at the tree, discussing a strange riddle. Hand over the prayerbook, then exhaust all Corhyn’s dialogue as usual. Then, buy the new Law of Regression Incantation from him for 10,000 Runes.

You’ll need 37 Faith for this spell, so consider respecing with Rennala (which will use 2 Larval Tears, if you want to respec back), wearing Faith-boosting equipment, and using a Rune Arc to activate Godrick’s Rune or any combination of these that works for you.

Once you're able to use the spell, travel back to the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace, then head west and enter the gazebo with the elevator. Take it down, and follow the path until you reach a statue with a message in front of it. Consider playing in offline mode if there are too many player messages crowding it out.

The message says 'regression reveals secrets', which is your cue to use the Law of Regression spell. Read the new message that appears after that, and return to Goldmask. Speak with him and divulge the secret. Then speak with Corhyn to finish this phase of the quest.

Where is Corhyn’s next location?

After that and once you defeat the Fire Giant, Corhyn moves to the Mountaintops of the Giants, on the bridge above Stargazer’s Ruins. Speak with Corhyn to learn of his doubts about the master’s true intentions. Exhaust all dialogue as usual.

You won’t be able to move the quest forward until after completing Crumbling Farum Azula. Then, you’ll find Goldmask’s corpse on the slope east of the collosseum, facing the Erdtree Sanctuary. Interact with it to receive the Mending Rune of Perfect Order, and if you reload the area, you'll be able to loot Goldmask's armor.

Choose to use this Rune when mending the Elden Ring after the final boss fight to unlock the Age of Perfect Order ending, a somewhat vague ending that suggests it both supports and corrects the Golden Order.

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