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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to use Halloween candy buckets

These tempting buckets of candy have started appearing all over town.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game through and through, but it swaps out some of the endless grind that we’re used to for fun quests alongside Disney fan-favourite characters. All in all, it’s proven to be an equally relaxing and fun experience for all who jump into it.

Right now, however, Halloween is looming. With Disney Dreamlight Valley being set in real time, your town will be getting festive too. Not only is there a new Halloween-themed Star Path that arrived alongside The Lion King’s Scar, but mysterious Halloween candy buckets have been cropping up all over the place, too.

Now, what exactly are these buckets of candy for? Other than Halloween, that is. Well, they’re for some of the Halloween-themed quests currently in the game, but here’s the rundown of exactly how to use your Halloween candy buckets in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How do I use Halloween candy buckets in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

First and foremost, there’s no way of making more Halloween candy buckets spawn in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They’ll pop up at random around the Plaza, much like a random herb would, albeit less often.

Whenever you do find Halloween candy buckets, interact with them, and they’ll spit out some candy for you to collect. Now, there are a few ways this candy can be used in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but these uses aren’t initially all that obvious.

If you open up your menu and navigate to the tab where all your Daily Dreamlight tasks are and then to the Village tab, you’ll find various Halloween-themed quests that need completing. That said, all you’re given is the name of the quest, and not much more instruction on what else to do.

The Halloween quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now, quests such as ‘Stockpiling Pumpkins’ are obvious (just in case, you’ll need to collect pumpkins in exchange for a Pumpkin Stack reward), but other quests such as ‘Trick or Treat’ and ‘Sugar Rush’ are difficult to work out.

Here’s what you need to do for each quest, and what your rewards will be.

How do I complete Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Halloween quests?

We’ve already explained the Stockpiling Pumpkins quest, so let’s start with Trick or Treat. This quest requires you to give ten different characters across your village one gift each. When that’s done, you’ll get a Mickey Mouse Pumpkin for your reward.

Next up is A 3-Course Halloween Meal. This quest is even easier than gathering all those pumpkins, as all you need to do is eat candy of three different colours. Your reward for this is a Trick or Treater’s Bounty.

Then there’s the Sugar Rush quest. You’ll need to gather a load of sugarcane, vanilla, and cocoa beans to cook candy. Cook 15 candy altogether, and wolf them down for your first reward, which is a Happy Jack O’Lantern.

Your reward for this quest solely depends on how much candy you eat, meaning that there’s also a Mischievous Jack O’Lantern (after 30 candy) and Friendly Jack O’Lantern (after 45 candy) to earn.

Last but not least is Villainy Wears Many Masks. For this one, all you need to do is open up your wardrobe and equip a mask. Honestly, most of the work with this one is going about acquiring a mask if you don’t already have one! Your reward will be another Trick or Treater’s Bounty.

There you have it; that’s Disney Dreamlight Valley’s idea of Halloween pretty much summed up. While you’re gathering pumpkins and dishing out gifts, don’t also forget to cook up some of the best recipes for energy, and take some time to give the critters their favourite gifts too.

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