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Dead Space Guide | Tips, tricks, and guides for facing the USG Ishimura

Here's some tips and plenty of guides for taking on Dead Space.

Dead Space is back from the dead, having been revived and remade over a decade since its initial release. With a new lick of paint, added lore, and revamped gameplay, it’s the perfect excuse to revisit the USG Ishimura, or even check it out for the first time.

With that in mind, the claustrophobic corridors of the ship and the horrors that it hides are never-ending. If you want to survive as Isaac and get to the bottom of what’s going on, you’ll want to bear a few things in mind. So, without further ado, here’s our Dead Space guide, explaining each chapter in the game, as well as plenty of tips and tricks to take note of.

Dead Space Guide

If you're jumping straight into Dead Space and find that you need any help along the way, we've put together guides on each and every chapter in the game. These detail how to complete that chapter as efficiently as possible, and provide some tips and countering each boss.

Dead Space Tips and Tricks

Dismemberment is key

In Dead Space, dismemberment is important for taking on the Necromorphs. Unlike other games in the genre, your headshots don’t matter all that much. Instead, you’ll want to target the limbs of your enemies, slowing them down before crushing them to a pulp.

I recommend firing at an enemies legs first, as this will immediately limit them to a crawl (in most cases). Then you can target their arms before stomping on them. You’ll need to counter some types of Necromorph a little differently.

For example, it’s worth targeting an Exploders arm while they’re close to other enemies and far away from you. And if an enemy doesn’t have limbs, target its tentacles, or glowing weak spot if it possesses one.

Isaac looks toward a Kinesis based puzzle involving lasers in Dead Space

Stasis and Kinesis are your friends

You’ll learn how to use both Stasis and Kinesis very quickly in Dead Space, so don’t forget to use them. Stasis slows a target, while Kinesis can let you move a target; this means Kinesis can be used on all sorts of objects to impale enemies and dismember them.

If you ever find yourself stuck, check that Stasis or Kinesis isn’t the solution first. You can also use the Kinesis ability to break loot boxes and thus, preserve ammo!

Use your environment

When amidst a fight, don’t forget to look around. You’ll find explosives and other usable items across the USG Ishimura that can be used in your favour. Much like remembering to use Kinesis, don’t forget to use the likes of fire extinguishers and blue cells to create large fields of Stasis.

Revisit rooms

Dead Space now has a Security Clearance system, and you’ll acquire new levels of clearance as the game progresses. This clearance will grant you access to previously locked rooms and loot, so be sure to revisit any rooms whenever you’re back in an area you’ve been to before.

On that note, ignore your locator on occasion and take a peek inside rooms such as storage, bathrooms, and quarters; essentially, try not to miss anything. You could find some loot that makes or breaks the next scenario you find yourself in.

Isaac looks at Dallas's Rig in Dead Space

Upgrade your rig

As you make progress in Dead Space, you’ll find Nodes and new rigs across the USG Ishimura. While it can be tempting to upgrade your arsenal of weapons first, I recommend prioritising upgrading your rig for some extra inventory space, as this will help you in a pinch.

After this, the Plasma Cutter and Line Gun are your best friends. By all means, have fun and use whichever weapons you like the feel of the most. The Flamethrower is also useful, but only really packs a punch when fully upgraded, which during your first play through, probably isn’t worth it.

Save credits for upgrades

Dead Space is a survival-horror game, after all, so you’ll want to be as resourceful as possible with your ammo and med packs. Your credits should, ultimately, be spent on new upgrades, upgrading your rig, and on Nodes so that you can continue with upgrades.

You’ll find resources scattered all over the USG Ishimura and beyond, and don’t forget to stomp on the bodies of slayed Necromorphs to acquire even more.

With this in mind and your trusty locator to guide you, Isaac should be able to make it out alive. Although, it won’t be without trouble. This is Dead Space after all. For more on the remake, take a look at our review.

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