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Dead Space Chapter 12: Dead Space | How to beat The Hive Mind

Make us whole again, Isaac.

You’re finally commencing the climatic twelfth chapter of Dead Space, which coincidentally sees you quite literally soaring into the inky abyss as you make your way to Aegis VII, leaving the USG Ishimura behind.

You’re finally reunited with Nicole, and delivering The Marker ready for Convergence. Isaac is going to make everyone whole again!

Except, something obviously isn’t quite right. It never is in Dead Space. During Chapter 12, you’ll prepare The Marker with Nicole, and take on a Necromorph nemesis one more time. So, here’s how to complete Chapter 12 of Dead Space, and how to beat The Hive Mind.

Dead Space Chapter 12: Dead Space

Chapter 12 of Dead Space starts on the planet of Aegis VII, where you need to unload The Marker. Follow your locator and activate the control panel beside Nicole.

Go into the Living Quarters, and expect enemies, including Infectors. Then, use the Save Station, Bench, and Store here if needed.

Then, go into the Server Room and retrieve the power cell.

Isaac picks up a power cell in Dead Space

You’ll want to take this back the way you came, and place it in the power socket just outside. Then, activate the control panel directly across from the socket.

Isaac looks at a control panel in front of The Marker in Dead Space

The Marker will now move into the Supply Depot, and you can follow it inside. In typical Dead Space fashion, a quarantine will occur when you first enter the building.

Throughout the Supply Depot, The Marker will move and stop at intervals where it is being blocked. When The Marker stops, you need to interact with the control panel closest to it to activate the bridge, then the bridge will move, and The Marker can continue moving.

At one point, you will lose power and not be able to continue moving The Marker. After speaking with Nicole, follow your locator to Tether Control and clear the Necromorphs blocking the next door.

Isaac looks at a door crowded by Necromorphs in Dead Space
Use the line gun to take care of these enemies quickly.

Once in Tether Control, there are three sockets in need of power cells. You will find two power cells in opposite corners of the room, although one will be blocked by crates that need moving using Kinesis. The third power cell has to be taken from the elevator.

Then, go to the control panel in the middle of the room and activate the tether generator.

Isaac activates a tether in Dead Space

Following the power turning back on, gravity will be turned off. So, soar up in this room and destroy the tendrils above you.

Isaac aims at a tendril in Dead Space

Then, the fan will begin working again. So, use Stasis to slow it and fly through. Do the same on the second fan following this, and make your way back into the Supply Depot.

Isaac slows a fan using Stasis in Dead Space

Now, prepare for a fight with another Brute. Then, activate the control panel in front of you once The Marker has moved, and continue doing that until you enter the Storage Chamber. Here, multiple tendrils will block The Marker from moving.

You will find one tendril over by the door to the Excavation Site (see below).

Isaac aims at a tendril in Dead Space

You’ll then be able to head up the nearby ramps to find another tendril at the top.

Isaac aims at a tendril in Dead Space

After this tendril, your locator will point you to take the elevator back down, then move The Marker through the Storage Chamber using the control panels again.

Once outside, a Drag Tentacle will appear. Then, you’ll need to find more tendrils out here that are blocking The Marker from moving.The first can be found to your left, pictured below!

Standing where the last tendril was, and looking down and to your right, you’ll see the next tendril.

Isaac aims at a tendril in Dead Space

Then, head over to the other side of the Excavation Site, where you’ll find the final tendril.

Isaac aims at a tendril in Dead Space

Following this, another Drag Tentacle will spawn. Then you can continue to move The Marker, and yet another Drag Tentacle will show up.

Once The Marker is in the pedestal, you’ll be asked to activate the tether. Go ahead and do this, then sit back and relax for a while.

After the cutscene, go through the Access Tunnel and into the Living Quarters, retrieving loot, saving, and using the Bench if needed. Then, using your locator as a guide, make your way out to the Landing Pad.

Following the next cutscene, you’ll be fighting with The Hive Mind.

How to beat The Hive Mind

First things first, fighting with The Hive Mind is pretty similar to fighting the Leviathan. You want to aim for and destroy its tendrils, while consistently dodging its tentacles.

During the first phase of the fight, The Hive Mind has five tendrils on its head that you can easily destroy. Just be mindful that it will roar and send you back if you get too close, and will also fire corrosives at you.

During the second phase of the fight, The Hive Mind will have five more tendrils inside its mouth that it will reveal at regular intervals.

You want to destroy one at each opportunity, and then brace yourself for a corrosive attack where the enemy essentially throws up across the arena. Then, The Hive Mind will perform a few slam attacks using its tentacles that you will want to dodge.

During the third phase of the fight, The Hive Mind will grab you much like a Drag Tentacle would, and you will need to aim for the single, final tendril on its head. You’ll need to do this quickly, though, otherwise The Hive Mind will eat Isaac.

After the fight with The Hive Mind is over, go ahead and leave the planet.

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