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Dead Space New Game Plus explained | How to start NG+ and what carries over

Planning to give Dead Space another shot? Here’s everything you need to know about New Game Plus.

Dead Space is one of those games that you’ll no doubt return to. After all, Motive Studio pulled this remake of the 2008 survival-horror classic for a reason, right?

Here's the official launch trailer for Dead Space.

Whether you’re returning to the USG Ishimura for the first time since 2008, or only just hopped off it recently, there’s a pretty high chance you’ll be eager to hop into New Game Plus.

In this guide, we detail everything you need to know about NG+ in Dead Space, and what actually carries over.

How to start Dead Space’s New Game Plus

I probably don’t need to tell you how this works, but just in case; after beating Dead Space once and letting the credits roll, New Game Plus will be unlocked.

Then, you can replay Dead Space all over again in the NG+ mode. In this mode, you’ll be replaying the same game and story, but you’ll be able to carry certain things over from your previous run.

What carries over in Dead Space’s New Game Plus?

Simply put, when you start a New Game Plus save in Dead Space, you’ll carry over all previously unlocked weapons and equipment, and they’ll all still have any upgrades you’ve applied to them at a Bench.

You’ll also have access to all your unlocked suits and rigs, and any credits you didn’t spend in your last play through are carried over, too.

As for Isaac’s Kinesis and Stasis abilities, you’ll have to unlock these again naturally in the story. Although, this isn’t too much trouble.

What makes New Game Plus exciting for Dead Space, however, is the new things it adds.

What do you unlock in Dead Space’s New Game Plus?

As is the case with most New Game Plus modes, this mode in Dead Space will be home to tougher Necromorphs. Not only that, but you’ll come face to face with an all new variant of Necromorph too, known as the Phantom.

You’ll also be given another 50,000 Credits to spend, ten Nodes to go upgrade-wild with, and an all-new Level 6 suit for Isaac. These will come in use for actually surviving your new run of the game, and will equip you for more of a challenge.

Last, but not least, let’s not forget about Dead Space’s alternate ending, which can only be accessed in New Game Plus. You’ll find that during NG+, there are 12 Marker Fragments that can be collected along the way.

If you manage to collect all 12 of these, you’ll be privy to a new cutscene at the end of the game. Good luck!

For more on Dead Space, be sure to take a look at our review to see what we thought of the remake, and don’t forget to check out our guides hub if you need any help fleeing the USG Ishimura.

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