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Dead Space remake: Everything we know so far

The latest news and updates on EA's remake of Dead Space

Those of you who played Dead Space back in 2008 were probably filled with a mixture of excitement and terror when EA and Motive Studios announced they were remaking the classic survival-horror game for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

On the one jagged claw, a fantastic game with unique mechanics is getting another shake on modern hardware. But on the other, has it really been that long already?

The original game ripped players limb-from-limb, and Dead Space 2 and 3 continued to do so in 2011 and 2013. A decade has now passed since we last stepped into the space-aged shoes of troubled protagonist Isaac Clarke and EA and Motive have decided it's time to go back to where it all began.

Dead Space is being remade from the ground-up with EA's Frostbite engine and is being exclusively developed for the new-gen consoles and PC, so you'll be seeing a massive difference compared to the 2008 original.

Despite the complete overhaul of the game, EA and Motive have declared a release date for the game that isn't too far away and they're confident of meeting it.

Philippe Ducharme, senior producer of Dead Space said that "We're making great progress on our road to hitting alpha, and we can't wait for players, both old and new, to see how we've elevated the original experience in the remake to be just as impactful for this generation." So get ready to survive on the USG Ishimura once again.

Here's everything we know about the Dead Space Remake so far.

Dead Space Remake trailer

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EA released the terrifying official gameplay trailer for the Dead Space remake on the 4th of October, showing off impressive new visuals and gruesome gameplay that is sure to scare us as we take control of Isaac once again.

During EA Play Live 2021, the Dead Space remake was announced with a very short teaser trailer. Although it didn't reveal much, it evoked the same existential fear and prickling tension that stalked the original game.

Since then, there have been multiple developer live streams that have shown off a lot of the Dead Space remake's new gameplay, sound design, and artwork.

Dead Space Remake release date

The official Dead Space Remake release date has been confirmed as the 27th of January 2023. That really isn't too far away, and barring any setbacks it sounds like EA and Motive are confident that release date should stay in place.

Dead Space 2023 is going to be released for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC only, so if you're still using a last-gen console you'll have to upgrade by the end of January to play the remake at launch.

Dead Space Remake gameplay changes

EA and Motive have said that their desire to remake Dead Space was partly due to the positive response of the brilliant Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes.

What helped make those remakes so popular wasn't just a graphical refresh, but developer Capcom adding new gameplay and story elements that made them feel more modern while retaining the vibe and characters that them so successful originally. Now with the Frostbite engine, EA is hoping to do the same with Dead Space.

So far there have been three developer live streams from the Dead Space team, each one revealing some of the gameplay and design changes that are taking place. One of the most interesting updates was for the A.L.I.V.E. System, which controls things such as Isaac’s heart rate, breathing, and dialogue.

In the remake the system is more advanced and the sound design for Isaac's physical responses are much improved so the player will have a better understanding of how Isaac is coping with his environment.

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Another exciting, and slightly gruesome, gameplay change will be on the dismemberment mechanics.

Creative director Roman Campos-Oriola said in the 2021 Early Development livestream that "The body destruction technology that we're developing, that is allowing us to really remove the flesh off of the bones of the enemy, and to give you a good sense not only of gore ... but also of how much damage am I doing to the opponent?" It's a good example of how improving mechanics with the new engine won't just improve how the game looks and sounds, but also adds another gameplay dynamic.

Other changes players will notice are lighting improvements, 3D audio, improved zero gravity sections, and the removal of loading screens so players can experience the story as an "uninterrupted sequence shot."

If all goes to plan, you'll be playing the same game that came out in 2008, but it will feel fresh with enough new elements that you'll need to learn to use to survive.

Dead Space Remake Story

The Dead Space remake will keep the same story as the original, but with Gunner Wright reprising his role as Isaac Clarke there is potential for the dialogue to be reworked to bring it more in-line with modern games.

In Dead Space, Humanity has used all of the natural resources on Earth and must go into space to find new materials. In space, researchers discover The Marker, an alien artifact that can act as a limitless source of energy for the Earth.

Unsurprisingly things go wrong, and later Isaac boards the USG Ishimura to discover the entire crew has been slaughtered by alien Necromorphs and his partner Nicole is trapped somewhere on the ship.

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Dead Space pre-orders

With the new trailer comes the news that pre-orders for Dead Space are up. There are three editions of the game, all available for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC which will release on the 27th of January 2023. The Standard Edition is $69.99/£64.99 ($59.99/£49.99 on PC), the digital-only deluxe edition includes the game itself, plus five exclusive cosmetics and is $69.99/£69.99 ($59.99/£59.99 on PC).

There's also the very impressive Collector’s Edition which is exclusive to the Limited Run Games Store, which comes with:

  • Physical Copy of Dead Space (not included in PC version)
  • Dead Space Collector's Box
  • Isaac Helmet
  • Full-size wearable helmet with working lights
  • Dead Space CD Soundtrack
  • Lithograph Print
  • Foil Stamped Lithograph Folio
  • Four Mini Posters
  • Ishimura Patch
  • Marker Enamel Pin
  • Metal 4" Marker Statue
  • Dead Space SteelBook

The Dead Space Collector's Edition is $274.99 for all versions, and is only available in dollars but does ship to other countries including the UK.

If you're so excited to play the Dead Space remake and can't wait until next year, you might want to play the original again or for the first time to keep you going until January.

You can get it from Steam or GOG right now, or play it as part of an EA Play membership.

We'll continue to update this page and have more stories across VG247 as we find out more information about the Dead Space remake. In the meantime, you can follow the Jelly Deals Twitter account to find discounts on other games or next-gen console restocks.

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