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Dead Space Break Room Codes | How to use the Break Room and redeem codes

The USG Ishimura hides away more secrets than you first thought.

You might remember various Dead Space codes from back in the day that had you mashing random combinations of X and Y. You might have even tried them out in the Dead Space remake, only to realise they no longer work. However, Motive Studio hasn’t forgotten about codes completely.

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Instead, it’s revamped how you input codes, requiring you to stomp and melee away to receive some rewards. So you can access these goodies, here is how to use the Break Room and redeem codes in the Dead Space remake.

How to use the Dead Space Break Room and redeem codes

You’ll discover the Break Room in Dead Space during Chapter 4. In the Bridge area of the ship, this room is accessible from Floor 1 (see the map below), and is full of Unitologist gear.

Isaac looks at a map of the Bridge showing the Break Room in Dead Space

To actually use the Break Room and input codes, look down at the red ritual circle on the floor. Codes, in the Dead Space remake, require you to input a combination of stomp and melee attacks within this circle (rather than pressing X/Y, and so forth).

Isaac looks down at the ritual circle in the Break Room in Dead Space

Simply put, stand inside the circle and stomp or melee away, depending on your code. If you find that the code doesn’t work, or you’ve messed up, leave the circle and re-enter it before attempting to input your code again.

You’ll find these codes across the USG Ishimura, recognisable by their combination of bloody hand and footprints.

Active Dead Space Codes

What codes for Dead Space have already been discovered? Well, u/CWolffart on the Dead Space subreddit shared two that they found, with YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming detailing a few more that are listed below.

  • Power Nodes

This code will grant you two free Power Nodes that can be used at a Bench to upgrade Isaac’s rig or weapons.

Melee → Melee → Stomp → Melee → Melee → Stomp → Stomp → Punch → Punch → Punch → Stomp → Stomp

  • Unknown Text Log

This code will unlock a new text log that can’t be discovered anywhere else. It takes the form of a poem praising The Marker’s eternal prophet.

Melee → Stomp → Stomp → Stomp → Melee → Stomp → Melee → Stomp → Stomp → Stomp → Melee → Stomp

  • Shanty Audio Log

This code will give you access to an audio log that features a team singing along to a space shanty. It’s actually the famous Wellerman sea shanty, updated to have Dead Space-themed lyrics. It’s equal parts hilarious and terrifying.

Melee → Stomp → Melee → Melee → Stomp → Melee → Stomp → Melee → Melee → Melee → Melee → Stomp

That’s all the codes we’re able to find for now, we’ll update this space when there are more! For more on Dead Space, be sure to take a look at our review, and peruse our guides hub if you’re stuck!

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