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Here’s your very first glimpse at Yakuza 8 – a direct sequel to Like a Dragon

First reported by Famitsu, we've gotten our first glimpses at the new major update to the Yakuza series.

We’ve gotten our very first look at Yakuza 8 today, specifically the lovely faces of the star gang of protagonists that we’ll be seeing in the upcoming update to SEGA’s hugely popular RPG. First reported by Famitsu, we see the faces of Ichiban, Koichi, and Yu in engine at the Sega Sammy offices in Tokyo.

This glimpse into the upcoming entry comes thanks to a YouTube video on Japanese fighter Mikuru Asakura's channel. In it, he takes a quick tour around the offices and conducts a brief interview before making their way into the main offices. It’s there that we catch a quick look at the three returning characters.

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One interesting tidbit of info we can gather from this early look at the characters is a purely aesthetic one, but it seems that Ichiban has done away with his signature afro. In its place, he seems to have tied it back for a somewhat smarter look, although you’ll be glad to hear the goatee remains intact.

We’ve yet to hear much official information regarding Yakuza 8. At the time of writing, we have no clue as to when it will be released, nor any idea at the exact premise of its narrative. We do know that it’ll continue to be turn-based, and that it takes place several years after the events of Yakuza: Like a Dragon (thanks, GamesRadar).

What do you think of Ichiban’s new look? If you’re keen to learn more about Yakuza 8, let us know below alongside what you hope happens in the upcoming sequel to one of 2020s best JRPGs!

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