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Like a Dragon: Ishin will not be dubbed in English

Subtitles only.

Sakamoto Ryoma and several of his chums in Like a Dragon: Ishin.
Image credit: VG247/SEGA

Like a Dragon: Ishin voiceovers will only be in Japanese, meaning those in western markets will have to settle for English subtitles.

Speaking in an interview with Tojo Dojo, Yokoyama said the reason the studio didn't opt for English dubs comes down to how people "talked during the Bakumatsu era."

Like a Dragon: Ishin story trailer

"For the Ishin remake, we’re using subtitles," said Yokoyama. "We’re not dubbing voiceovers. We’re translating the game into English, but the specialized vocabulary and the way people talked during the Bakumatsu era would make the lines incredibly long, so it just wouldn’t work. So this time we are doing subtitles.

He goes on to say that many in English-speaking companies aren't one to read subtitles, but Yakuza 0, which was subtitled, was very popular despite the lack of English dubbing.

Like a Dragon: Ishin was announced earlier this week during Sony's State of Play. It's a remake of a Yakuza spin-off title previously unavailable in western markets.

It takes place during the final years of the Edo period when the Tokugawa shogunate ended. In terms of story, it's set in the 1860s and finds Kyo plagued by widespread inequality. But one samurai will change the course of history in his search for justice.

You will play Sakamoto Ryoma, who is out to avenge his father’s death, clear his name of a framed murder, and restore his honor. In doing so, you will end the samurai era and forever change the future of Japan.

It is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in February 2023.

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