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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Class: All Classes Ranked and Explained

No more Assassin versus Gunzerker, instead, it’s Stabbomancer versus Brr-Zerker.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is more of the same shoot-and-loot, RPG action that we’ve become accustomed to seeing from Gearbox Software. Set in a TTRPG realm, the game is about more than just killing bad guys and collecting epic weapons, but crafting the perfect Fatemaker from the best class to suit your playstyle too.

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With this in mind, you’re probably thinking that your starting class is pretty important. Well, it is and it isn’t. Your starting class is significant to you and how you play the game, and if it isn’t ideal, you get to pick up a secondary class later down the line too. That being said, your primary class is forever, so you should probably check out how each class plays out before settling on a decision. That is, if you’re picky, like me.

There are six starting classes to choose from, all with their own individual Class Feat (an ultimate ability) and two Action Skills (two subsequent, less powerful abilities). We’ve explained each class, their abilities and some of their top passive skills below, but ultimately, how they perform is down to what you do with them, and how you attribute both their skill and hero points!


The Brr-Zerker is the class that defines ‘all guns blazing’. If stealth isn’t your thing, and you’d much rather fly in causing a scene and dealing damage, then Brr-Zerker might just be the chaotic class for you.

Brr-Zerkers are Frost specialists, but they primarily focus on Melee damage, and thus, getting up close and personal with the enemy. By applying their speciality, Frost, to their weapons, they can pretty much turn enemies into ice statues before essentially knocking them into a small pile of ice cubes.

Class Feat

Whenever a Brr-Zerker uses one of their Action Skills, they become Enraged. This will add bonus Frost Damage to attacks, and their frenzy does not end while they use subsequent Action Skills either; instead, activating a new Action Skill will slightly increase how long the Enraged status lasts. The Enraged status will only abruptly end if you find yourself in the life or death Save Your Soul scenario.

Action Skills

Dreadwind - When this Action Skill is used, the Brr-Zerker will spin ferociously and unleash their melee weapon on all nearby enemies. The ability also increases Movement Speed and Slow Immunity for a short period of time.

Feral Surge - The Brr-Zerker will leap at their targeted enemy, and then afflict all nearby enemies with Frost Damage. Non-boss enemies will be immediately killed if their Total HP is lower than a particular percentage (we unfortunately don’t know what this percentage is). Additionally, if this ability successfully kills an enemy, the Cooldown Timer for it will be reset, so the Brr-Zerker can unleash hell once more.

Top Passive Skills

Savagery - Melee damage is increased, and the amount of time that the Brr-Zerker can be Enraged for is also increased.

The Old Ways - Brr-Zerker can deal bonus damage, and also receives an incoming damage reduction the closer they are to their enemies. This is ideal for those who love their fights to be up close and personal!

Blood Frenzy - With each kill, a portion of both your HP and Enraged timer will be restored.

Relentless Rage - During a Save Your Soul situation, the timer for this will be extended slightly. Additionally, if the Brr-Zerker can land a kill, they will immediately become Enraged.


The Graveborn’s speciality lies within their class name, and that is that they wield the power of the undead and Dark Magic. Graveborn’s particularly channel the same energy as a lich, they embrace the pain of those who have passed and use it to fuel their own power, and thus, embrace death. It makes sense that this class is accompanied by a Demi-Lich Companion, for that reason.

For those who want to take a more magical approach to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, this is one of two classes (the other being Spellshot) that really utilise spellcasting. However, the Graveborn will often risk their own life for the sake of afflicting damage to their enemies. So, this class is perhaps for the braver players among us.

Class Feat

The Graveborn’s Class Feat is their companion, the Demi-Lich. Demi-Lichs are not any less powerful than the lichs I described earlier, but instead they have simply evolved the need to carry an undead body around with them. Can you blame them?

The Demi-Lich Companion will target enemies at range with Dark Magic attacks, and they will also cast the Hellish Blast spell whenever the Graveborn casts a spell. The Hellish Blast forms a projectile that matches the elemental type of the Graveborns spell, and it will damage enemies with this element on impact. Any buffs that are increasing the Graveborns damage will also be applied to their companion, too.

Action Skills

Dire Sacrifice - The Graveborn can choose to sacrifice some of their HP in exchange for dealing Dark Magic damage and Dark Magic status effects to all nearby enemies. The amount of damage dealt will be proportional to the amount of HP sacrificed by the Graveborn.

Reaper of Bones - For a small duration of time, the Graveborn will be healed, gain Leech Efficiency, and will be able to deal Dark Magic damage. However, the Graveborn will lose HP per second, and the amount of HP lost increases with every second too. If the Graveborn dies during this ability, they will become Invulnerable and have some of their HP restored. Then, the ability will end.

Top Passive Skills

Mortal Vessel - The Graveborn’s maximum health and leech efficiency will both be increased.

Sanguine Sacrement - Whenever a spell is cast by the Graveborn, they’ll slowly regenerate health for a brief period of time.

Dread Covenant - Whenever the Graveborn reaches 1HP and their Demi-Lich Companion is around, they will have their health restored in exchange for their Companion. This can’t be used too often, but is handy in a crucial battle that you don’t fancy repeating.

Lord of Edges - As a class that may regularly have low HP, this skill is a must. The lower the health of the Graveborn, the higher their damage dealt and damage negated is.


Clawbringer’s are seen as hero’s through and through, and that’s exactly what The Wonderlands need right now. They’re specialists in Fire and Lightning damage, and have a Dragon Aura that will ultimately empower their whole party with the ability to deal more Fire damage.

If you’re blasting through Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands co-op, then you’ll probably want a Clawbringer in your party for their buffs… and the amount of damage they can deal. Their hammer can be thrown to deal Lightning damage, or it can be smashed into the ground to deal Fire damage, and the Clawbringer will undoubtedly put up a strong fight.

Class Feat

The Clawbringer’s special Class Feat is their Wyvern Companion. After making your way through the Queen’s Gates in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you’ll unlock a dragon-like companion to fight alongside you. The Wyvern Companion can fly, and attack enemies with both its claws and its fiery breath. Pretty Dragon-like. Additionally, any buffs that are increasing the Clawbringer’s damage dealt will also be applied to their companion!

Action Skills

Cleansing Flames - The Clawbringer can summon their hammer and slam it into the ground. This will deal Melee damage to all nearby enemies, and create a huge Fire Nova, which will simultaneously deal Fire Ability damage too.

Storm Dragon’s Judgement - The Clawbringer can summon their hammer again, but instead of slamming it into the ground, they will instead throw it across the area. The hammer will deal Lightning Ability damage to every enemy it comes into contact with, and wherever it lands, it will deal Lightning Melee damage to any nearby enemies. The Clawbringer can also recall the Hammer while it is dormant, dealing damage to enemies in its way once more, and reducing the Cooldown time if the skill is ended early.

Top Passive Skills

Dragon Aura - The Clawbringer is granted a Dragon Aura that increases elemental damage for themselves and all nearby allies.

Dedication - The higher the Clawbringer’s Ward is, the higher the increase to their Action Skill Cooldown Rate. This skill rewards you for staying protected!

Blasthamut’s Favor - This skill will fire an elemental orb at an enemy when you kill someone. If you kill an enemy using a gun, a Fire Orb will be launched at a subsequent enemy. If you kill an enemy with a melee attack, a Lightning Orb will be launched instead.

Fire Bolt - The Clawbringer’s Wyvern Companion will now be able to shoot Fire Bolts at enemies from above, and the Clawbringer themselves will receive increased gun damage.


A Spellshot’s speciality can be derived from their name; they’re spell-slinging wizards who also have a knack for firing bullets, too. In a TTRPG within an RPG, like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, we all know that it is the mix of both forces - weaponry and spellcasting - that will come out on top. If you want the best of both worlds during your experience, Spellshot is undoubtedly for you.

The Spellshot can seamlessly weave spells and shots together, with an increased fire rate and spell damage to boot. They can alternate between the two with ease, and bombard enemies with attacks as a result. Did I mention that these guys can also turn their enemies into Skeep? Skeep being derpy-looking Sheep; it doesn’t get much better than that.

Class Feat

The Spellshot is capable of Spellweaving whenever they cast a spell or reload their weapon. This, as a result, will increase their Spell Damage, and Spellweaving is capable of stacking too. After a few seconds, however, these stacks will perish. If the Spellshot can cast a Repeating Spell, there’s the chance of grabbing additional Spellweaving stacks, which can ultimately lead to a whole lotta’ damage.

Action Skills

Ambi-Hextrous - Spellshots can equip a spell in one of their Action Skill slots, making Spellweaving even easier.

Polymorph - By using this skill, the Spellshot can turn one of their enemies into a silly-looking Skeep for a brief moment. Anyone that damages the Skeep, be it Spellshot or their friends, will be able to cast a free spell. If the enemy is immune to being transformed into a Skeep, Spellshot will instead instantly cast a free spell and gain two stacks of Spellweaving for some extra magic damage.

Top Passive Skills

Magic Bullets - Whenever the Spellshot receives a buff to their spell damage, a portion of this will also be applied to their gun damage too.

Font of Mana - As someone slinging lots of spells, this passive skill can come in clutch. The skill increases spell cooldown rate, and increases action skill cooldown rate. So, you can be Spellweaving like there’s no tomorrow.

Imbued Weapon - Whenever the Spellshot casts a spell, their gun will subsequently deal elemental damage that corresponds with the spell for a short period of time.

One Slot, One Kill - For every Spellweaving stack that the Spellshot manages to get, their gun damage will be increased too.

Spore Warden

As someone who’s always enjoyed attacking at range in games, be it with a bow or with magic, as soon as I saw that the Spore Warden could fire multiple arrows at once using an Action Skill, I was sold. Spore Wardens are capable of volleying both tornadoes and arrows at their enemies, and have a pretty helpful Mushroom Companion who packs a punch.

Spore Wardens specialise in guns and their Companion. They have the capabilities of buffing their Companion, as well as other allies, making them another good multiplayer pick. While they provide their party with passive buffs, they can lay down attack after attack using their Action Skills and gun play.

Class Feat

The Spore Warden has a small, flatulent Mushroom Companion to aid them through dungeons. The Companion will target and attack nearby enemies, and will also afflict them with Poison Damage too; I won’t tell you how… Additionally, if the Spore Warden pings a nearby enemy, the Mushroom Companion will throw themselves at the enemy and attack. Furthermore, all damage buffs applied to the Spore Warden will be applied to their Companion, too.

Action Skills

Barrage - This skill allows the Spore Warden to summon a magical Ethereal Bow that is capable of firing seven arrows at once. These will deal Ability damage to effected enemies, and arrows can also ricochet twice and deal even more damage. This skill can be used multiple times before it needs a longer Cooldown period, and as you increase your Gun damage, the damage of Barrage will increase too.

Blizzard - The Spore Warden can conjure up three Frost Cyclones that will seek out nearby enemies and deal Frost Damage to those it afflicts. Frost Damage will be dealt slowly over time, but can often clear a few pesky enemies out.

Top Passive Skills

Kindred Heart - You have a Companion, so make sure to look after them. Kindred Heart can increase Companion Health and Damage.

Spore Cloud - This 1 point passive skill is incredibly important for getting the most out of your Companion. This skill sees your Companion create a poisonous cloud that damages enemies over time. Again, I am not going to tell you how they do this, but if you choose Spore Warden, it’s fun to witness this play out.

Medicinal Mushroom - If you find yourself trying to Save Your Soul, your Mushroom Companion can come and revive you with this skill unlocked.

Thrill of the Hunt - Whenever you land a Critical hit with your gun, your Companion's damage is increased too. This can stack up to ten times, making your Mushroom Companion particularly powerful.


The Stabbomancer is the class for the stealth-players among us. Coined the ‘sneaky knife daddy’ of the classes, the Stabbomancer focuses on racking up critical hits while also keeping enemies off their tail, to an extent.

This class can use both their speed and stealth abilities to move in and out of the sight of enemies, and they can quickly relocate to attack from another angle. Additionally, these guys can avoid damage and fire while they run, making them ideal for those who want to get the job done quickly, or simply run through the majority of a dungeon.

Class Feat

The Stabbomancer’s Class Feat is simple. As a Critical-hit assassin, their chances of landing a Critical Hit are increased from the start.

Action Skills

Ghost Blade - The Stabbomancer can activate this Action Skill to throw a spinning Ghost Blade at their target. The blade will then deal Melee damage to any nearby enemies, and the damage dealt depends entirely on what melee weapon the Stabbomancer is holding at that time. The Ghost Blade can also be relocated to another location if you activate the skill again while it is still active. Though, this will reduce how much time is left of the ability overall.

From the Shadows - The Stabbomancer can use From the Shadows to activate stealth mode, which turns them invisible. While the Stabbomancer is in stealth, all hits dealt are automatically critical, but all critical hits will deal a reduced amount of damage during this time.

Top Passive Skills

Arsenal - This skill will increase the amount of melee damage, spell damage, and gun damage the Stabbomancer deals.

Haste - Increases both melee attack speed and movement speed. Both of these buffs are increased further whenever a spell is cast.

Nimble Fingers - Whenever the Stabbomancer deals melee damage, they will receive an increase to their fire rate and spell damage for a small duration of time.

Elusive - For those who are fans of run and gun tactics, this skill allows the Stabbomancer to sprint and shoot simultaneously, and they can evade incoming damage while sprinting, too.

Which starting class is best in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Ultimately, which starting class is best comes down to how you plan on playing the game! While I would argue Spore Warden to be the best, and Graveborn to be among the worst, it's your playstyle that determines which class wreaks the most havoc.

If you’re going to be blasting through the Wonderlands in co-op, then Clawbringer or Spore Warden are the strongest of choices given their ability to buff allies in various ways, while still laying down loads of attacks. Following that, Spellshot is also another fun class for co-op that focuses on magic more than melee and elemental abilities. They’re a little trickier to use, but can provide allies with magic damage buffs that can help a party to fly through dungeons using both arms and arcane.

For those playing solo who are new to games that follow the Borderlands formula, I’d suggest that Brr-Zerker, Stabbomancer and Spore Warden are a good pick. Spore Warden’s Mushroom Companion can distract enemies and revive you, which has certainly helped me out of a dire situation here and there. Meanwhile, Brr-Zerker reminds me of the more classic Borderlands class of the Gunzerker. So, if you want to jump in and let your weaponry go wild, you can’t go wrong with Brr-Zerker. On the other hand, Stabbomancer is very much a Jack of all trades, with a focus on stealth. You can choose your poison - whether it be guns, spells, or melee attacks - and you can use both stealth and speed to help you relocate after attacking.

However, if you’re new to the series altogether, I’d primarily suggest that you choose whoever appeals to you and your interests; you’ll have much more fun figuring out a character you find interesting, and remember, your primary class is forever, but you can choose a second class later if you find that you want to try out some new abilities later down the line.

Finally, if you’re wanting a challenge as you try to save the kingdom from Dragon Lord, Graveborn and Spellshot are a good shout. While these guys deal a lot of damage, they rely on their ability to cast spells, and the Graveborn in particular needs to keep an eye on their HP as a result of using their spells. Neither should be too difficult for any player to master after a couple of dungeons, but magic is a pretty new component to the shoot-and-loot formula that we’re used to. It often causes so much carnage that it can be difficult to lock on to enemies immediately after, so these two classes are certainly going to provide a challenge in that sense.That is, until you truly master using Magic across the Wonderlands, and then, well, the world is your oyster!

Which life story should you choose in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Like a true TTRPG, your character - the Fatemaker - needs a riveting backstory, regardless of what class they might be. Each backstory, however, comes with its own buffs and debuffs in terms of your attributes. Based on what your chosen class is capable of, or what their specialty might be, some life stories are a better start in life for some classes than others.

Raised by Elves

You were, as the life story is titled, raised by elves. The lacklustre diet of the Elven community has left you a little weak, though.

  • Dexterity is increased by 2, leading to +4% Critical Chance.
  • Constitution is decreased by 4, leading to -10% maximum HP/Ward.

Suitable Classes: The Raised by Elves life story can arguably work for any class, especially those looking to play with guns and land Critical Hits, like Brr-Zerker or Stabbomancer. However, I wouldn’t recommend this for the Graveborn, who’s abilities often rely on reduced HP.

Failed Monk

Ultimately, your character felt that hiking up the mountains and becoming a monk may have been the best path for them. However, when they emptied a chamber pot over the head monk, they feared the consequences of the accidental violence and fled.

  • Strength is decreased by 4, leading to -5% Critical Damage.
  • Dexterity is decreased by 2, leading to -4% Critical Chance.
  • Intelligence is increased by 2, leading to +2% Spell Cooldown.
  • Wisdom is increased by 4, leading to +8% Status Damage.

Suitable Classes: For those who are focusing on casting spells rather than gun play, the Failed Monk life story can work out pretty nicely. This would suit Graveborn, Spore Warden, and possibly a Spellshot who’s prepared to sling points into Strength and Dexterity anyways.

Recovering Inventory Hoarder

Once upon a time, you filled your pockets with everything imaginable. You’re trying to get over your addiction to hoarding, but loot is now getting the better of you.

  • Intelligence is increased by 2, leading to +2% Spell Cooldown.
  • Attunement is increased by 5, leading to +5% Skill Cooldown.
  • Constitution is decreased by 2, leading to -5% maximum HP/Ward.
  • Dexterity is decreased by 2, leading to -4% Critical Chance.

Suitable Classes: The Recovering Inventory Hoarder can work for most classes, excluding Spellshot and Stabbomancer, who are better suited elsewhere, Considering Spellshot relies on spells, the bonus skill cooldown won’t be that effective for them. As for Stabbomancer, Critical hits are everything, so you’d rather not reduce the chances.

Village Idiot

To put it simply, you’ve got beauty galore, but next to no brains. This makes you good with guns, but not so good with spellcasting.

  • Strength is increased by 8, leading to +10% Critical Damage.
  • Intelligence is decreased by 3, leading to -3.0% Spell Cooldown.

Suitable Classes: The Village Idiot can work for just about any class, unless your plan is to sling spells like crazy. I wouldn’t recommend this for the likes of Spellshot, Graveborn, or Clawbringer. However, for Brr-Zerker or Stabbomancer, this life story is perfect.

Rogue Alchemist

While The Royal Alchemist Society is against transmutation magic, you didn’t care and made a living by flogging fake jewellery. When one of the locals found out his amulet was, in fact, chocolate, you had no choice but to go on the run.

  • Dexterity is decreased by 2, leading to -4% Critical Chance.
  • Constitution is decreased by 5, leading to -12.5% maximum HP/Ward.
  • Wisdom is increased by 8, leading to +16% Status Damage.

Suitable Classes: For those with the power of the elements on their side, the life of the Rogue Alchemist is a good one. As a Spore Warden, Spellshot, Brr-Zerker, or Clawbringer, this life story can work well, granted the status damage boost. However, this one isn’t so good for the Graveborn, as they need all the Constitution they can get.

While these life stories will change your attributes, they aren’t the be all and end all. As you journey around the Wonderlands, you’ll earn Hero Points with every level up, and you can distribute these as you see fit. My decreased Critical Chance/Damage as a failed monk didn’t last too long, that’s for sure.

What are the best multiclass combinations in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands?

We've established that you begin Tiny Tina's Wonderlands with a primary class, a life story, and an array of character customisation options, but it doesn't stop there.

Once you reach Level 15, you unlock a secondary class and can then multiclass your way around the Wonderlands. You can choose any of the existing classes as your secondary to form a new class that has two Class Feats, four Action Skills, and two seperate Passive Skill Trees to plug your skill points into.

Who should you choose? Well, that's up to you. Every class combination will synergise in one way or another, but obviously, some classes connect better than others. Spellshot and Graveborn is one of the stronger multiclasses, given Spellshot's Passive Skills that allow them to dual-wield spells. For those wanting to opt for more of a melee build, combining Clawbringer and Brr-Zerker is the way to go.

Ultimately, once you choose your primary class, take a mental note of what you find fun about them - I'd suggest choosing a secondary class that'll only help to amplify that! For example, I chose Spore Warden and later combined this with Stabbomancer. I found that my Mushroom Companion was pretty tanky and I enjoy using him as bait while I land Critical Hits - the combination with Stabbomancer, therefore, has worked pretty well so far.

If you find yourself stuck at any point, don’t forget that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has multiplayer to mess around with too.

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