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This Dying Light 2 mod removes many of the game's post-processing effects

No more lens flare.

Dying Light 2 has only been out since Friday, and there are already at least 75 mods available through Nexus Mods.

One of these mods is worth a look, as it removes many of the game's post-processing effects such as sharpness, lens flare, and more.

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Developed by shawnikaros, other effects removed include sharpness, chromatic aberration, anamorphic bloom, dirty lens, and barrel lens distortion. It also changes the depth of field, removes blurry raindrops on-screen and speed lines when running.

If there are some effects you still wish to keep, such as speed lines, you just need to delete those specific files in the data pack.

You can look over the mod and download it through Nexus.

The development team at Techland is currently working on a variety of issues with the game. These include fixing disconnects in co-op, game crashing bugs, issues with players being unable to sell valuables to vendors, performance optimizations, and more.

If you are just picking the game up, here's 16 tips to help get you started and here's our massive Dying Light 2 guide to Villedor. You may also want to check out what critics think of the game, and have a read of our very own Dying Light 2 review.

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