Midway Sale

Warner’s purchase of Midway OK’d by Judge [Update]

Midway’s sale to Warner Bros. got the OK from the courts yesterday, so once the $33 million check is cut, Warner will own most of Midway’s assets. The settlement between unsecured creditors and majority shareholder Mark Thomas are a done deal, and intellectual-property disputes with Threshold Entertainment Tigon Studios have been resolved. Thomas gets a […]

11 years ago

Midway Sale headlines

  • Warner Bros readying potential bid for Midway

    MCV sources have claimed today that Warner Bros is ready to pounce on Midway. “Warner is pretty confident that they will get Midway – which will be an immediate boost to their portfolio,” said one telltattle. “The deal isn’t done yet. Midway is still open to offers from other potential buyers – but Warner looks […]

    11 years ago