This what the future of mobile gaming looks like

Having shown us what smartdevices are capable with the likes of Infinity Blade and Epic Citadel, Epic Games is ready to push mobile tech even further with Unreal Engine 4.

6 years ago

Metal headlines

  • God of War III soundtrack now available for $1.99

    Remember last week when AOL Radio gave you a taste of the metaltastic God of War III inspired tracks that are included with the game’s premium edition? Well, today, Sony has announced the release of the Blood & Metal EP and to kick things off, the US PS Blog has posted the video to Trivium’s […]

    10 years ago
  • Listen to metalriffic songs from the God of War III Ultimate Edition

    In the mood for a bit of metal? Sure you are! You’re always in the mood for some, and now you can hear some that is God of War III related.

    10 years ago