What the inside of a DSiLL looks like

GameWatch has posted lots of pictures of an exploded DSiLL, what with the big-screened handheld shipping in Japan yesterday. You’ll also find there the obligatory comparison shots between the new monster, previous DS interations and PSP. Go absolutely, grade-A, balloon-happy mental. DSiLL releases in Europe and the US early next year.

Dsill headlines

  • DSiLL is the heaviest handheld of this generation

    It’s the DSiLL. It’s large. It’s really large. In fact, as Kotaku’s pointed out, it’s the heaviest portable gaming device so far this generation. The facts: 158g – PSPgo 189g – PSP-2000 189g – PSP-3000 214g – DSi 218g – DS Lite 275g – Nintendo DS 280g – PSP-1000 314g – DSi LL Nintendo announced […]

  • Euro DSiLL confirmed for Q1 2010 at "higher" price of DSi

    The just-announced DSiLL will release in Europe in the first quarter of next year, Nintendo just confirmed to VG247. Here’s the statement, sent by a UK rep: “Nintendo today confirms that a new Nintendo DSi XL console is launching in Europe in the first quarter of 2010. The retail price of the Nintendo DSi XL […]

  • DSiLL, DSi and DS Lite dimensions compared

    Having this morning announced its big-screen DSiLL, Nintendo’s posted up a page comparing all the physical specs of its three non-brick DS models – get it here. Pull the slider up and down on the right to see how they all size up. Nintendo said this morning that DSiLL will ship in Japan on November […]

  • DSiLL styli pictured: one's fat, one's thin

    Nintendo just posted the first comparison image of the two styli that’ll ship with DSiLL, the now-announced big-screen DSi, in Japan on November 21. The longer “touch pen” is 129.3mm long, Nintendo said today. The shorter stylus is 96mm. Fancy. DSiLL features 4.2 inch screen and will cost of ¥20,000 (US$220).

  • DSiLL home site launched, old and new screens compared

    Nintendo’s just put its DSiLL site live – see here. There’s a screen comparison section there, as well as lots of information in Japanese about the machine’s pre-loaded games, menus, and so on. The big-screen DSi has now been announced for a November 21 release in Japan, and will sport a 4.2 inch screen for […]

  • Big-screen DSi confirmed, detailed, pictured [Updates]

    Nintendo Japan’s just confirmed that a big-screen version of DSi will launch next month in Japan and in the first quarter of next year in Europe. The DSi LL will feature a 4.2 inch screen and is to be sold at ¥20,000 (US$220). It’s out on November 21 in Japan. The upgrade is designed to […]