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The Sims just got official merch and it's about as pricy as the average expansion pack

I don’t need the Sul Sul Bubble Tee. I don’t need the Su-(pulls out credit card).

Some people wearing official Sims merch.
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The Sims has a new official merch store and, provided you’ve got a decent amount of disposable income to spend on things with green diamonds on them, it might be worth checking out.

Surprisingly, given how notorious it’s been for charging players an arm, a leg, and the rights to their first-born children for expansion packs, this is the first time the series has properly delved into the merch zone. Unsurprisingly, some of the goods on offer will set you back a pretty penny, as is often the way with official merchandise.

If you head on over to The Sims Shop, you’ll find a bunch of different items designed to appeal to the kind of people who’ve disposed of more poor sims than they can count by deleting the ladders from swimming pools. “From hoodies to socks, we've got you covered from Plumbob to toe,” as the Tweet from the official Sims account announcing the shop’s arrival put it.

While a lot of the stuff is listed as sold out as of writing, you can still seemingly grab the likes of a t-shirt with the charming Simlish phrase ‘Sul Sul’, which can be used both as a greeting and a way of saying goodbye, the latter of which is what you’ll be doing with $35/£28 if you buy it.

There are also some socks with the same phrase on them, which people will definitely be able to see clearly if you’re wearing shoes, given that they’re a bright and colourful black and white.

Or, you could spend $15/£12 on an “Assorted Sticker Pack” that has a Llama as part of it, which should hopefully make you feel a bit better about having given up your (or your parents’) hard earned cash for it.

So, your days of potentially having to rely on unofficial Sims merch, such as this kind of thing, are over, assuming you’ve got a bit of cash to burn.

In other Sims-related news, The Sims 4’s next expansion pack, For Rent, will give you the chance to find out exactly how it feels to be one of society’s most important parasites - the landlord.

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