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MW3 best Holger 556 loadout

For a versatile assault rifle that’s easy to control, here’s our best Holger 556 loadout in MW3.

Image credit: Activision
Update: Our best MW3 Holger 556 loadout was updated with new and alternative attachments to be up to date with changes made to MW3 since its launch.

Modern Warfare 3 has a never-ending array of weapons to experiment with, but there will always be a few exceptional weapons that shine much brighter than the rest in multiplayer matches and zombies. This particular weapon - the Holger 556 - was banned from use in competitive matches on Day 1 of release…

The best MW3 Holger 556 loadout feels like a laser beam at the best of times; it’s got great damage and rate of fire with minimal recoil, meaning you can melt through enemies easily. Here’s our Holger 556 loadout with all the attachments, gear, and equipment you could possibly need.

MW3 best Holger 556 loadout: best attachments

The Holger 556 in MW3 is a versatile assault rifle with decent base stats. It has good damage, accuracy, range and handling so it’s an easy weapon to use across multiple maps, and is highly reliable in most engagements with enemy players. This particular loadout is thanks to YouTuber, Ears.

  • Rear Grip: Morn-20 Grip
  • Optic: Slate Reflector or MK.3 Reflector
  • Barrel: Chrios-6 Match
  • Muzzle: Shadowstrike Suppressor or VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop

For the Holger 556, we ultimately want a weapon with minimal recoil that has a fast TTK, especially given MW3's increased TTK. This loadout does just that, and we're going to start by adding a rear grip to the Holger 556; the Morn-20 Grip. This rear grip will improve our recoil control and flinch resistance, while reducing our aim walking speed. The speed reductions don't matter so much, as we'll be super sharp with this AR when we're done with it.

Up next, we'll be adding an optic to the weapon just to help us with our aiming. As is the case with most loadouts, what optic you choose is up to you (and you can even opt for a laser if you're feeling daring), but we recommend the Slate Reflector or MK.3 Reflector.

As for our barrel, we're attaching a Chrios-6 Match to the Holger 556 so that we can ensure we're dealing devastating amounts of damage across all ranges. This barrel will increase our bullet range and velocity while also improving our recoil control even further. Again, this is at a detriment to our speed, but not so much so that we'll be suffering from that, especially with the damage we can do at all ranges with this weapon.

For the muzzle of the Holger 556, those comfortable with the weapons recoil can attach the Shadowstrike Suppressor which will make us undetectable on the radars of enemies. However, you can use the VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor as an alternative; it'll keep you undetected, but at the cost of some further mobility stats, you'll have even more recoil control and bullet velocity.

Last but not least is our underbarrel, which we're going to attach the DR-6 Handstop for. This reliable underbarrel will essentially make up for the cons of our other attachments by providing us with additional aim walking speed and ADS speed. With that, you've a well-rounded, versatile assault rifle that can deal a massive amoung of damage at both close and long range.

MW3 best Holger 556 perks and equipment

Now that our Holger 556 loadout is established and we’ve got an incredible assault rifle in our hands, it’s time to run through what equipment compliments the weapon.

  • Secondary Weapon: COR-45
  • Vest: Demolition Vest - provides three gear slots and four equipment slots. Lethal and Tactical equipment is resupplied every 25 seconds.
  • Gloves: Scavenger Gloves - allows you to resupply ammo and throwing knives from dead players.
  • Boots: Lightweight Boots - increases movement and swim speed.
  • Gear: Mag Holster - increases reload speed. EOD Padding to increase your survivability is also viable.
  • Tactical: Flash Grenade - a versatile grenade that blinds and deafens targets so you can go in for the kill or delay. Stim's are also great.
  • Lethals: Semtex - a timed sticky grenade. Alternatively, any explosives you have fun using.
  • Field Upgrades: Munitions Box or Trophy System - you can never go wrong with more ammo, but the Trophy System can destroy nearby equipment and projectiles to keep you safe.
A class build of gear and equipment for using the Holger 556 in MW3
Image credit: Activision/VG247

How to unlock the Holger 556 in MW3

The Holger 556 is unlocked in MW3 when a player reaches Level 37, and no Armory Unlock challenges are required to get your hands on it.

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