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Palworld players are pulling off some incredible launch trickshots, CoD-style montages could be coming soon

Mother, retrieve the photograph-creating device!

Some Pals looking downright horrified in Palworld.
Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair

As if the very popular, but also very controversial Palworld wasn’t becoming inescapable enough for those of us who have to use the internet on a daily basis, it’s quickly becoming a very potent source of both Call of Duty and Fortnite-esque trickshots and the kinds of launches Skyrim’s giants are infamous for.

Given the fact the game’s still in the early access phase, it hasn’t been too surprising to see that it’s been home to a lot of the kinds of bugs and glitches you might expect to encounter at that point in a title’s lifespan. While some of these teething troubles and fun quirks, such as one that’s seen the game get stuck at a black screen on launch, are of the frustrating variety, a number can either be useful or fun.

One example of the latter is the fact that hopping on top of a Pal Sphere as it captures a Pal can send your character flying upwards, a bit like you’ve jumped on a bouncy castle. While this neat little trick has become pretty common knowledge over the past week or so, some players have now mastered it enough to pull off some pretty impressive trickshots.

For example, here’s one player going by the username of Jrulez8 showing off what they claim to be “the world’s first hyper Sphere Launch 540 Fulfil-Hunger-With-Berry Skillpoint-Cancel Musket Trickshot”, which is definitely a series of words, via a post on Palworld’s subreddit. As mid-air menu messing about goes, it sure is something, even if you do have to feel a bit sorry for the poor Lamballs being used to make it happen.

In response to a fellow player responding to the clip by saying that they reckon “MLG Palworld montages will be a thing [two] weeks [from] now”, Jrulez8 declared “This is the future I want to be a founder of.” That future seems like it could well be closer than you think, given that they aren’t the only Palworlder who’s been getting in on the sphere launch trickshotting so far, as you can see from clips like those found here and here.

Meanwhile, another of their peers has shown off the fact they managed to launch a Kingpaca in similar fashion using a sphere, landing them a nice kill via fall damage as it came crashing back to Earth.

At this rate, if people keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible via sphere launches, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a lot more of these kinds of clips keep popping up and/getting edited into EDM-laced compilations. That’s assuming the fun little exploit doesn’t end up getting nerfed or patched out by Pocketpair.

If you’re struggling to get started with Palworld - let alone pull off trickshots in it - make sure to check out our array of guides to everything from the strengths and weaknesses of different Pals to incubating and hatching Pal eggs.

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