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Fresh Palworld Xbox and PC update aims to finally stop it from getting stuck at a black screen on startup

Hopefully there’ll be no more looking into the void when you just want to see your Pals.

A character riding a Pal in Palworld.
Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair

A fresh update to the very popular, but also very controversial Palworld for Xbox and Microsoft Store-bought PC copies aims to stop the game’s app from grinding to a halt upon startup - leaving players staring at a black screen.

From co-op server problems caused by the sheer volume of people who’ve stampeded into the game to a stat point reset item permanently decreasing your Pal capturing ability, it hasn’t been totally smooth sailing so far for Palworld from a bugs perspective. However, after acknowledging that its developers are working on fixing the game’s most pressing issues, Pocketpair has already started putting out updates designed to rectify some of them.

In a string of tweets this morning, Pocketpair has revealed that it’s released a number of updates aimed at the versions of the game on Xbox and bought via the Microsoft Store on PC. While the first of these aimed - among other things - to rectify some “sound issues” players had reported, there’s already been another put out since then that aims to stop the game from “[launching] to a black screen”.

This problem looks to be a bit of a lingering one, with some PC players having reported experiencing it late last week. According a few, a temporary fix was to create a fresh desktop shortcut and run the game in admin mode, something that you obviously can’t do if you’re playing on console.

In addition to hopefully taking care of the black screen problem, this latest update should also make sure Microsoft Store PC players won’t have to deal with the game not recognising controllers. Beyond that, Pocketpair says it’s dealt with instances of the “key guide display” not appearing as it should and the button to exit the game not being implemented on that same platform.

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