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Palworld's "serious bugs" should be taken care of soon, save data restoration guidance offered

Just a few people have reached out to Pocketpair about the issues.

Some Pals doing manual labour in Palworld.
Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair

The studio behind the very popular, but also equally controversial Palworld has told players that its development team is aware of and working on fixing the array of “serious bugs” that’ve cropped up in it so far.

From co-op server issues caused by the sheer volume of players who’ve stampeded into the game - which, for better or worse, has come to be know to many as ‘that Pokemon with guns thing’ - to a stat point reset item permanently decreasing your Pal capturing ability, it hasn’t been totally smooth sailing so far for Palworld. Now, following a deluge of bug reports, developer Pocketpair has revealed that its developers are working on fixing the game’s most pressing issues.

In a post on the developer's Discord server, a community manager with the handle ‘Bucky’ has shared a response to the “over 50,000 inquiries” Pocketpair has received from players about various in-game problems with Palworld.

“We sincerely apologise for the delay in response from our support team,” they wrote, “The development team is aware of serious bugs that are occurring, such as being unable to enter servers, unable to play multiplayer, and losing saved data, and are currently working on fixing them. We will share information about the fixes for these issues as soon as possible.”

The post also informed players that “save data from singleplayer and co-op may be able to be restored”, and shared a link to a Google Doc which includes instructions on how to revert your saves using backups found in the game’s files. You’ll need to delve into Palworld’s save directory, pick backup save and world data files that bear the time/date you’d like to restore your game to from a folder, and use these to overwrite the latest versions of the same files that are found in the main directory.

Naturally, whether this solution ends up fixing the problem you’re having with your main save will probably depend on when the issue started happening and whether you’ve got backup files that pre-date that, among other factors.

Bucky concluded the post by saying: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

While lots of the bugs people have been encountering in Palworld are of the frustrating variety, there have also been a few fun ones unearthed, such as this very bouncy one.

If you haven’t already given Palworld a go and are thinking about doing so, make sure to check out our early access review and array of helpful guides for it.

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