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UPDATE: Call of Duty's Fallout crossover drops this week, and features a definitely accidental nod to one of Fallout 4's best quest mods

Hey, don't worry, we can add two different Vault 141s to the canon if it means Soap and co in colorful jumpsuits.

Call of Duty characters in vault suits as part of the series' Fallout crossover.
Image credit: Activision/Bethesda

UPDATE (25/06/24, 11:20 AM BST): We reached out to Neeher to get a bit more of a picture of how they felt about this bizarre link between their mod and CoD, they told us the following: "It was a funny moment where I was like... wait a minute! Task Force 141 of course being a classic CoD military squad thing, and Xander's Aid from several years ago sharing the same number. Now, of course at the time when I made that mod I didn't have any texturing skills. So I just took the Vault 114 texture and swapped the 4 and 1 to make up 141. That's really as deep as it goes. [It] got a good laugh out of me, thinking that through some twisted mental gymnastics I could imagine that Vault 141 is a real lore vault."

Following the Fallout TV Show, we've already seen the series captialise on the swell in mainstream attention via a Fortnite collab, and now its been confirm that Call of Duty is getting one of those too on June 20. Interstingly, the fun little promotion also features a nod of sorts to one of Fallout 4's most popular quest mods.

Yup, you heard it here first, Activision is just like us fr, clearly having spent hours on the Nexus trying to install about five million different things that make The Commonwealth more interesting, only to inevitably end up with some undiagnosable load order conflict. Ok, it's definitely not, but this is still a pretty neat coincidence.

As outlined in the official blog post the previously leaked collab will see Price, Ghost, Soap, and Gaz get four new operator skins which are them dressed in those inconic blue and yellow vault suits, which definitely won't make you easier to spot on the battlefield.

Now, if you look on the back of those suits, that's where things get interesting. As a nod to all the grizzled lads mentioned above being part of Task Force 141 in the CoD universe, the number of the vault they've been assigned is also 141. Now, as far as I'm aware, there isn't yet a vault 141 in the official Fallout canon - but that doesn't mean it hasn't already been a thing in a Fallout game.

You see, one of Fallout 4's most popular quest mods - 'Xander's Aid' by Neeher - features a vault 141 located in The Commonwealth, just as the one for this CoD crossover is suggested to be by the blurb included in its blog post, which includes a missive addressed to Fallout 4's Jack Cabot.

In the mod, you head to this vault on the trail of a man named Xander's missing friend and, as far as I remember, you don't run into a bunch of pre-war marines inside, but it has admittedly been a while since I played through Xander's Aid, so I might be misremembering slightly.

So, there you go, something that'll give us Fallout fans in the know a bit of a chuckle. If you're interested, among the other stuff included in the Fallout crossover for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone are bluprints for a couple of Falloutified weapons, some themed accessories and loading screens, plus a Fallout: Vault Dwellers Event that'll bring some fresh challenges to multiplayer, zombies, and Warzone.

If you're looking for more cool Fallout 4 mods, make sure to check out our revamped list of the best ones to grab if you're constructing a fresh load order in 2024. One of those lets you ride a Deathclaw, by the way.

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