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18 years later, Princess Peach is getting another game of her own

While there’s no name for the game yet, it can be expected during 2024.

Image credit: Nintendo

Yesterday’s June Nintendo Direct (June 21) was stacked, especially for Mario fans, who received a whopping five announcements relating to the classic series. One of which was a new game with Princess Peach as the main character of her own adventure.

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This won’t be a first for Princess Peach, who received their own game back in 2005 for the Nintendo DS aptly named ‘Super Princess Peach’. This game saw Peach make her way to rescue Mario and Luigi for once, reversing the usual trope we see in Mario titles where Peach is holed up in Bowser’s castle.

Super Princess Peach played out a lot like a Mario platformer, but much like Yoshi and his eggs, she had her own gimmicks to utilise in the form of Perry the Parasol and her emotions. Honestly, I remember playing this vividly as a child alongside Yoshi’s Island DS, and it was a great time.

The announcement of a new Super Princess Peach game also came alongside a remake of Super Mario RPG, a remaster of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for the Switch, a new 2D Mario game called Super Mario bros. Wonder, and a new WarioWare game! Wow. Mario fans will be eating good this year and beyond, it seems.

While we can see in the teaser trailer shown off at the Nintendo Direct that the new Princess Peach game will look a lot different, it wouldn’t come as any surprise if it was her turn to rescue the plumbing duo again. The teaser trailer itself shows Peach tackling enemies with magic, before standing on a specific spot of the stage and her dress transforming. No idea what’s happening there.

The untitled game does not have a release date yet, either, but it does have a release window of 2024. So, we’ll no doubt hear more details about the new Princess Peach game during a future Nintendo Direct. I’m peachy keen for a new game with Princess Peach at the helm, though I sincerely hope that Perry the Parasol makes a return in one way or another.

What do you reckon to a new Princess Peach game? Anything in particular you’re hoping to see?

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