Autumn Dashboard Update

Reminder – Twitter, Last FM, Facebook coming to Xbox 360 tomorrow

As if you need any reminding, Microsoft has released a press release which details the big dashboard update for the Xbox 360 tomorrow.Facebook, Twitter, Last FM and Zune Marketplace are all coming to the 360 tomorrow. Go play about with them from tomorrow morning.The PR itself is after the jump.

12 years ago

Autumn Dashboard Update headlines

  • Microsoft removes November 17 date for Facebook/Twitter on XBL

    Well, isn’t this a surprise.Microsoft has removed all trace of the November 17 date that was on the Xbox website over the weekend for Facebook, Twitter and website now just lists autumn 2009 for the update.We’ll email Microsoft about this for comment.Oh, by the way, before we forget: we’re on Twitter in case you […]

    12 years ago