ACE details Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition for Xbox 360

ACE Team has revealed that its Zeno Clash port for Xbox 360 will get Ultimate Edition when it’s released via XBLA in March.

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  • Atlus to release Zeno Clash on Xbox 360

    Good news everyone. ACE has found a publisher for Zeno Clash, and it is none other than Atlus. Because of this, the game is set to be released on Xbox 360 as Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition via XBL. That’s not all though, come spring 2010, the updated version will have online and splitscreen co-op, along […]

  • Zeno Clash gets new DLC and 50% off on Steam

    ACE has released new DLC for Zeno Clash called ‘The Pit’. It has three new challenge scenarios where players compete for leaderboard scores, and gravity will not be your friend, apparently. Destructible floors and traps may cause you to end up in the bottom of the pit dead instead of alive. The update is free, […]

  • Zeno Clash heading to Xbox Live once it gets a publisher

    Zeno Clash may soon land on Xbox Live once it gets a publisher, according to a report from D’toid. ACE co-founder Carlos Bordeu has said the team, is close to landing a deal, and the game will contain extra content once it is launched. “We’ve been having conversations about a possible XBLA version of the […]

  • Zeno Clash 2 announced, loosely detailed

    ACE has announced Zeno Clash 2, saying the second game is “to be much larger in scope”. “The studio has begun planning the next game of the series which will continue the adventures of Ghat, who will struggle against new and old conflicts,” said the company in a statement. “Father Mother, the mysterious Golem and […]

  • Microsoft cuts 75% of staff at its Massive in-game ad division

    Microsoft has made 75 percent of its staff at Massive redundant. Around 100 people were let go from the in-game ad firm, which was purchased by Microsoft in 2006. In order to reduce costs, 3000 other staffers were let go yesterday which adds to the 1400 back in January when staff from ACE, Rare and […]

  • ACE plans to release a demo, SDK, and DLC for Zeno Clash

    ACE has told Shacknews that it plans to release a demo, downloadable content and a SDK for Zeno Clash after release. “We’re planning on releasing DLC and releasing a compatible SDK so users can edit levels and other assets” said ACE’s Andres Bordeu. The planned DLC will be free and includes  new Tower Challenges and […]

  • Pre-order Zeno Clash on Steam and get half-off

    Zeno Clash is coming to Steam, and if you pre-order it’ll only cost you $10 instead of $20. That’s half off. The upcoming ACE FPS is expected in April. Youll get to play as Ghat, who is forced into a “desperate journey past the forbidden desert and to the end of the world”. Hit the […]