Eurogamer hits 5.2 million unique visitors

Eurogamer’s announced it reached 5.2 million unique vistors for its websites during November 2010.

10 years ago

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  • Eurogamer Network UU figure up 22% to 4.5 million

    Eurogamer’s announced a climb in November unique users to 4.5 million across its European network, a rise from 3.7 million in November 2008.

    11 years ago
  • Eurogamer hits 1.8 million users per month, hires MMO editor

    Eurogamer Network’s readership reached 1,835,202 unique users in November, according to a new ABCe audit. For the same month, the property turned over 14,763,018 page impressions. The figures include, and The unique user figure has risen by over 500,000 users, up from 1,317,522 for the same period last year.The numbers put Eurogamer […]

    13 years ago