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While T-Pain is tragically banned from GTA RP, he has confirmed that he's worked on GTA 6

T-Pain shares that he has worked on GTA 6, but is unable to play on GTA roleplay servers as a result.

Lucia sits in the front seat of a car looking back while holding a wad of cash in the GTA VI trailer
Image credit: Rockstar Games

In what is rather bittersweet news for fans of both GTA and GTA roleplay servers, rapper and streamer T-Pain has confirmed his work on the upcoming GTA 6.

As a result of his role in the game — whatever that may be — the musician has also been informed that he is not allowed to take part in GTA roleplay servers (thanks, GamesRadar). This includes the prolific NoPixel server, which reopened its doors recently.

T-Pain, also known as Faheem Rashad Najm, is best known for his R&B stardom throughout the 2000s, and namely his feature on the iconic song ‘Low’ (that one about the boots with the fur), but this artist has taken to streaming in recent years. He has also previously taken part in GTA roleplaying server, NoPixel, where streamers and other content creators will roleplay as various realistic but larger-than-life characters in a modded city.

This is all done via FiveM and RedM, where fans of both GTA V and Red Dead Redemption players can host their own modded servers for the games and live out whatever lives or scenarios their communities fancy, and NoPixel is just one example of many roleplay servers that exist for GTA V.

Rockstar actually acquired the development teams behind both FiveM and RedM back in August of 2023, so T-Pain understandably expresses some confusion at being asked to stop playing NoPixel RP after having worked on GTA 6.

“I used to be on NoPixel, then I started working on [...] GTA 6, and they told me I couldn’t do RP anymore,” the rapper explains. Reportedly, T-Pain’s contacts had said that, “what if somebody took your album, re-recorded it, and more people were listening to that?” T-Pain shares that he understands why this is the case, but that he was having a good time on NoPixel.

Much of his confusion appears to arise from Rockstar’s acquisition of the modders behind FiveM and RedM; “Y’all told me I couldn’t do this then team up with the people that enable RP to happen,” he concludes with a laugh.

While it is a shame that fans of GTA RP and the content that comes from it will not be seeing T-Pain roaming around the streets of Los Santos, there is good news in the fact that T-Pain has revealed himself to be GTA 6’s first confirmed celebrity collaborator on the game. As for what he’ll be up to, we’re not sure; will he be a fully-fledged character, or is he lending his voice to GTA 6’s radio? Only time (and plenty of it) will tell, but there’s no denying that T-Pain’s presence in the game is welcomed.

The same can't be said for the Florida Joker, however, who has accused Rockstar of using his likeness without consent in GTA 6's reveal trailer.

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