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Actually, Spider-Man is coming to Marvel's Avengers as a PS4-exclusive character

After much deliberation and several rumors on both sides of the story, it turns out that Spider-Man really is only coming to Marvel's Avengers on PS4.

Earlier today, a rumor that Spider-Man was coming to Marvel's Avengers as a PS4-exclusive character was debunked by the UK retailer who listed a description introducing the possibility in the first place. Apparently the details were old, and had not come from Crystal Dynamics directly.

Since then, it has been confirmed that Spidey truly is coming to PS4 and PS4 only. He'll websling his way towards PS4s and PS5s all over the world in early 2021, and won't be helping the Avengers if they're fighting baddies on other platforms.

Spider-Man Marvel's Avengers

The news comes from the official PlayStation blog, where a post confirming Spider-Man as a PS4-exclusive character has finally put rumors to rest.

"It’s never been a better time to be a spider-fan," reads the post. "The team at Crystal Dynamics, along with our partners, are overjoyed that we get to be a part of this hero’s gaming journey."

"We can’t wait for you to add Spider-Man to your Marvel’s Avengers roster in early 2021, and as we’ve promised before, he will be available at no additional cost to owners of the base game, exclusively on PlayStation."

Marvel's Avengers launches on PS4 on September 4, 2020, and PS5 this holiday. Aside from Spidey, the only other post-launch character that has been officially confirmed is Hawkeye, who, as far as we know, won't be as picky about which platform he decides to help out on.

The Marvel's Avengers beta kicks off this Friday, August 7, and is also PS4-exclusive. This date is reserved for people who have pre-ordered the game, but from August 14 all PS4 players will be able to jump in and have a go. At this point, people who pre-ordered on Xbox and PC can play, too.

One week later, on August 21, the beta will be open to everyone regardless of what platform they are playing on and whether or not they have pre-ordered the game.

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