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Marvel's Avengers War Table rework coming March 24

You can also expect added clarity to the systems, missions, and how to begin your journey in the Avengers Initiative.

On March 24, as part of Patch 2.3, the War Table in Marvel's Avengers will be reworked to streamline missions and to improve the overall user experience.

The onboarding process for newer players is also being reworked, and this includes bringing back Nick Fury to the Helicarrier as a guide.

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One of the first major changes you’ll notice when interacting with the War Table on March 24 is that missions no longer change every 15 minutes. Instead, Drop Zones and Threat Sectors appear on the War Table at all times, and HIVES will appear once you have reached a power level comparable to the range of the region it is found in.

Each region now has a minimum power level and a suggested max power level, and moving on at the suggested max power level will take you on a tour from region to region as your strength increases.

Villain Sectors will now also be visible on the War Table, so you won't need to grab the mission chain from Faction Mission Givers. Normal Villain Sectors Mission Chains will rotate daily and will be picked up as usual, and Elite Villain Sectors will rotate weekly.

On the War Table, Vaults will now always be visible, and Elite Vaults will rotate weekly.

Individual Hero HARM Rooms will have a minimum Power Level of 1, and Challenges I-V will become a part of the priority HARM rotation and will no longer be visible once completed.

With the update, Flashback Missions that ended with a boss fight have been replaced with Wasteland and Wakanda Threat Sectors. This means that no Flashback Mission will end with a Villain Sector boss fight. Rise and Shine will require you to complete a mission in Quickmatch, and Heroic Mission Chains, previously known as Iconic Mission Chains, will only show on a per Hero basis.

The team at Crystal Dynamics will also add new missions to the War Table on March 24, including a new Vault and a Villain Sector.

The return of Nick Fury to the Helicarrier will find him replacing JARVIS and Maria Hill’s narration in the beginning of the Avengers Initiative during new tutorial videos, and in some missions. Although this is mainly for new players, existing players can go through this process with Nick Fury to catch up with him.

And finally, the team is making changes with patch 2.3 to offer clarity and to properly explain the systems, missions, and how to begin your journey in the Avengers Initiative. According to the developers, the series of quests or mission chains that guided players to multiple mission types were found to be confusing due to minimal direction.

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