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The Mighty Thor: Jane Foster is coming to Marvel's Avengers next week

There must always be a Thor.

The weekly reset is coming to Marvel's Avengers next week on June 28, and with it will come "a certain goddess of thunder."

That's right: the 2.5 Update will bring Thor's love interest, Jane Foster, to the game. And that's all we know for the moment. To find out more, you will have to tune into the next War Table Deep Dive on June 27.

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If you are unfamiliar with Jane, at one time she was deemed worthy enough to wield Mjolnir when Thor was unable to. During this period, she took on the mantle of Mighty Thor and joined the Avengers.

Other than Jane, the update will also contain several bug fixes, one of which will stop Heroes from getting the traversal mechanics of other Heroes.

Going on this weekend, until June 27, you can get triple XP, and until June 28, you can get a 50% discount on Hero Challenge Card skips.

There's also the Corrupted Vibranium event going on until July 7. Here, you will travel the globe to stop a mineral threat, earn Exotics, and also earn 250 Units for completing the Corrupted Vibranium Daily Quest.

Completing the Rise and Shine Daily Quest will award 2500 Units, which is worth around 50 Shipments. The developers are also running a 50% discount on all cosmetics until June 28.

There were some recent updates made to the marketplace too. There's the Hulk's Bunnies and Bandoliers Outfit, inspired by his look from Incredible Hulk #390, and this week's Flashback Shipment Outfit is Iron Man’s Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 Outfit. Each Shipment is discounted to 50 Units.

And finally, the current discounted item is Iron Man's Not Just a Fly Boy Takedown, which is 100 Credits and you can grab the Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel 003 Nameplate for free.

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