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Crystal Dynamics hints at what's to come with Marvel's Avengers patch in March

Crystal Dynamics isn't ready to reveal the next formal roadmap just yet, though.

The next update for Marvel's Avengers is expected in March, according to Crystal Dynamics.

With it, you can expect the return of Nick Fury to lead SHIELD and coordinate future Avengers Initiative missions alongside Director Hill.

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The update will also come with a "much-needed rework" of the War Table and the mission-select system. The team is changing how to find, select, and launch missions on the leveling journey throughout the Avengers Initiative.

The primary goal is to improve the flow for new players to "reduce frustration" in the leveling process. The more organized and directed experience will also create larger, more concentrated matchmaking pools for higher-level players, it was said.

Crystal Dynamics also said it will use what it learned in the past year to further balance gear perks. The team plans to create an even wider variety of builds to discover and play alongside making gear sets earnable through a wider set of play activities.

Eventhough the new Shipments system added in 2.2 was "really successful" at providing another path to cosmetic rewards, it has had a "fairly major impact" on the Units economy. Because of this, adjustments will be made in the next patch by adding Units as additional rewards to several end-game activities.

When the last update was released, it allowed players to earn weekly rewards from completing the Omega-Level Threat and the Raid for each of their Heroes not just once per account. The team liked the results and plans to extend the system to Mega Hives in the next update.

Finally, the studio will also continue to prioritize critical bugs like improving raid stability and consider player feedback on where it needs to make tuning adjustments.

More information on patch 2.3 will be revealed as it gets closer to release, and long-term plans will also be shared once the teams finalize development and launch schedules.

Marvel's Avengers is available on PC, Stadia, and PlayStation and Xbox systems.

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