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Marvel's Avengers looks to be getting She-Hulk, as awkwardly leaked on an official stream

The leak occured during an official livestream on Xbox's Twitch channel.

In a leak that's a bit painful to watch, it seems like Marvel's Avengers next hero is set to be She-Hulk.

Sometimes, leaks happen. It's a fact of life, and in an industry like video games where so much of it is highly secretive, leaks are made all the more desirable. But it feels particularly unfortunate when that leak happens on an official livestream, which is exactly what happened with Marvel's Avengers on a recent stream on the Xbox Twitch channel.

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Earlier this week, Marvel's Avengers lead designer Brian Waggoner was joined by Twitch streamer Frank "Techniq" Ellerbe playing and talking about Marvel's Avengers. And during a brief pause in gameplay, Ellerbe mentioned "a funny fact about She-Hulk," going on to say he isn't even sure if he's allowed to share the information he was about to, but just went for it anyway.

"My acting coach is actually the voice of She-Hulk," Ellerbe said, again, on an official Marvel's Avengers stream, which has not had She-Hulk officially confirmed as a character. "And I won't say her name, because I don't know if that was public knowledge yet. I think it is, it was announced…"

Unfortunately, it has not been announced, although last year the supposed voice actress Krizia Bajos did retweet a tweet leaking the fact she is the character's voice actor (thanks, Forbes).

And unfortunately for Waggoner, attempting to stop Ellerbe would definitely confirm the character, leaving him to quite unenthusiastically say "Nope. Nope, we've never announced She-Hulk."

This was shortly followed up with Waggoner saying "We don't announce things," which is definitely an odd phrase, though it mostly sounds like he just cut himself off. Ellerbe awkwardly tried to turn things around by claiming he didn't know if it was true or not, coming out with something about hoping "the source will be right," the source literally being him in this case.

Marvel's Avengers hasn't exactly gone to plan, frustrating fans at numerous points by flip flopping between things they don't want.

Most recently the game added Jane Foster's Mighty Thor, so progress continues at the very least.

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