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Marvel's Avengers outsourcing studio creative director: "I apologise for that."

The game has suffered from numerous issues since it launched.

UPDATE: Since publishing, it has come to light that Cezar Virtosu is not the creative director of Marvel's Avengers, and was in fact part of a team that was outsourced to work on the project. We have updated this article to reflect that.

Marvel's Avengers is unfortunately best known for its many issues above all else, and the game's former outsourcing studio's creative director has offered a brief apology for it.

Oh, Marvel's Avengers. Maybe in another universe you're doing great, and everyone loves you, maybe even being more influential than Dark Souls. That's not this universe though, as it's more of a sore spot for those that worked on it. This includes Cezar Virtosu, former creative director at Virtuos, an outsourcing studio that worked on the game, who recently apologised for how the game ended up.

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Speaking to Edge Magazine (via GamesRadar), Virtosu said "It was a challenging production, let's say." Obviously quite a vague statement, but one that still feels quite loaded. Virtosu spoke plenty of his other projects, like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the upcoming The Lords of the Fallen Reboot, but on the topic of Marvel's Avengers he just said "I apologise for that." Honestly, fair play to him.

The Lords of the Fallen executive producer Saul Gascon also spoke with Edge, though predominantly about their upcoming game. "Basically, Cezar, the CEO of our company, and myself stopped our successful careers to work on The Lords of the Fallen," Gascon explained. "We want the studio to become a reference in the [Soulslike] genre. We want to be the second reference [after Elden Ring developer FromSoftware], because right now there is no clear second reference."

Pretty bold ambitions, ones that would make the sad situation with Marvel's Avengers easier to deal with. Virtosu is obviously not involved in Marvel's Avengers, and even if he still was, he wouldn't be for that long anyway. Crystal Dynamics announced last month that support for the game would be shutting down this coming September. The last update for the game is due out in March, with customer support ending September 30, though multiplayer will still be possible after that date.

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