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How do I send a Buddy Pass in Rainbow Six Extraction?

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Update: Rainbow Six Extraction's Buddy Pass has been delayed until an unspecified date "shortly after launch". A further update to the timescale is apparently due "within a few days".

If you own one copy of Rainbow Six Extraction, up to two friends can play with you for free with the Buddy Pass.

The Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass is cross platform, and can work based on your Ubisoft Account Friends list, as well as your regular friends list.

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Once you have the right friends added, it’s a relatively simple process to send them a Buddy Token and get playing - here’s what you need to do.

How does the Buddy Pass work in Rainbow Six Extraction?

After purchasing the full version of Rainbow Six Extraction, the Buddy Pass lets you send up to two friends a ‘Buddy Token’ which gives them full access to the game while they’re in a squad with you.

Normally when you’re playing the Trial Version, there’s a countdown timer ticking down until the demo ends. Once you’ve sent a Buddy Token however, as long as that player is in a squad with you, their timer will be paused.

To send a Buddy Pass in Rainbow Six Extraction:

  • Install the full version of Rainbow Six Extraction on your PC or Console
  • Have your friend(s) install the Trial Version of Rainbow Six Extraction on their PC or Console
  • Go to the Squad Menu in the top right of the home screen
  • Select the friend you want to send the Buddy Token and hit send
  • They should receive an invitation to join your game and have their trial timer paused

If you’re playing with people on PlayStation or Xbox, make sure everyone has PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership, as it’s required for online play.

Then if your Buddy ends up enjoying things enough to buy the full game for themselves, any progress and progression they make - as well as achievements - will be carried over to their new game.

Now that you have a team to play with, here are our picks of the best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, as well as some advice on how to build the best team comps.

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