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Rainbow Six Extraction DBNO explained and how to recover from it

I'm (sort of) still standin'

Rainbow Six Extraction DBNO status is something you’ve probably experienced, even if you didn’t know the name.

It’s the half-step between active duty and being knocked out, and it’s what you want to avoid whenever possible. All is not lost should you be downed, though. You can still come back from the edge.

What does Rainbow Six Extraction DBNO mean?

DBNO in Extraction refers to the state an injured operator enters that’s between active and knocked out. It stands for Down But Not Out, and you still have a chance to get back in the mission, assuming you don’t die first. If an Operator ends up DBNO, you’ll suffer no penalty in the next objective. Fail to rescue them or revive yourself, though, and that Operator will be MIA for the next mission, which means they’re unplayable.

How to revive an Operator from DBNO

The downed player can use Revive Kits to recover from DNBO, so it’s always a good idea to scavenge some from supply cases. Doc revives himself with the Stim Pistol and Finka’s Adrenal Surge perk brings her back to life as well. In multiplayer, your teammates can revive you without using items, though it’s still wise to keep a revive kit handy in case they can’t get to you in time.

If you equip Body Armor, you’ll automatically go into DBNO after taking fatal damage, which is handy for staying alive – but not so good if you need to finish a challenge. Failure to revive the downed Operator leads to KO status, and they’ll be MIA during the next mission. That means one of your objectives is to find and rescue them from the Archaean pod.

Rainbow Six Extraction is challenging enough as it is. The best way to avoid adding another task to your list is putting together the best team, sticking together, and keeping each other hale and hearty through healing. Your options are a bit limited until the Buddy Pass rolls out, though an easier challenge you can complete solo or with friends involves taking out the sludge for a hefty XP reward.

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