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Pokemon Unite Best Builds and Held Items for Zeraora, Pikachu and more

The right Pokemon Unite builds can help you sweep the competition, but it means making some tough choices as your monsters level up.

We've singled out some of Pokemon Unite's current top picks and broken down how to get the most out of them, including held items, battle items, and moves.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Zeraora build

Pokemon Unite Zeraora moves
9Plasma Gale

Your goal with Zeraora is maxing out its damage potential. This mythical Pokemon is a powerhouse, so you don’t want to waste move slots on status moves such as Agility (especially when it learns that automatically later) or moves that might miss, including Wild Charge.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Zeraora held items

Pokemon Unite Zeraora held items
Muscle BandIncreases attack power and attack speed
Scope LensIncreases critical hit damage
Float StoneIncreases movement speed and attack power

Zeraora’s held items also follow the same principle. Each of these enhances its naturally high damage-dealing potential. It might be tempting to swap Muscle Band for Energy Amplifier, but gathering Aeos energy isn’t really why you’d want Zeraora on your team anyway.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Zeraora battle item

Potion is always a good recommendation, especially early on. However, Fluffy Tail is one of the best choices as Zeraaora levels up since it increases damage and briefly paralyzes the enemy.

Fluffy Tail unlocks automatically once you reach level 10.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Pikachu build

Pikachu is, unsurprisingly, built for special attacks, but you’ll want to outfit Pokemon Unite Pikachu a bit differently than mainline Pikachu.

Pokemon Unite Pikachu moves
1Thunder Shock
4Thunder Ball
9Thunder Storm

Thunder Shock is an obvious choice considering it’s AoE potential. Electro Ball is our pick over Thunder for a few reasons. Thunder is powerful, but like the mainline version, it’s also imprecise. Electro Ball always hits and it even stuns enemies.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Pikachu held items

Pokemon Unite Pikachu held items
Shell BellSpecial attacks restore HP
Wise GlassesRaises special attack
Sp. Atk. SpecsPermanently increases special attack when you score a goal

Pikachu's held items should maximize its special attack potential, while the Shell Bell makes up for low defense and how easy it is to knock the mascot out.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Pikachu battle item

The Eject Button is a solid choice for Pikachu. Despite the famous mouse’s damage potential, it’s a frail Pokemon. Eject Button gives you the chance to dash in, deal some hurt, then retreat to a safe place to start the cycle again.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Lucario build

Pokemon Unite Lucario moves
1Quick Attack
7Bone Rush
9Aura Cannon

Your first choices for Lucario are Quick Attack and Meteor Mash. The latter might be tempting, but Quick Attack gives you a better edge in the early stages. Extremespeed might seem superfluous but it hits twice assuming the first move makes contact.

Focus Punch is also not what you want from your Lucario. It needs to stay mobile, which is why Bone Rush is a better choice than Close Combat.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Lucario held items

Pokemon Unite Lucario held items
Muscle BandHigher attack with higher HP
Focus BandRecovers HP
Float StoneBoosts attack and increases attack speed

Lucario is a strong DPS Pokemon, and its held items should complement that. Muscle Band is a standard choice, and since Lucario’s best build emphasizes physical attacks over special, we recommend the Focus Band instead of Shell Bell for this one. The last slot is a freebie, so we opted to use Float Stone and make Lucario even stronger and faster.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Lucario battle items

If you’re building a fast and mobile Lucario, then Eject Button is a natural fit. It can get Lucario out of a bind, true, but it can also catapult it closer to a foe you need to dispatch.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Cinderace build

Pokemon Unite Cinderace moves
1 Ember
7Blaze Kick
9Blazing Bicycle Kick

Cinderace is an all-rounder you can build in a few ways. That said, Ember is always the best choice for your first move. It’s more powerful than Low Kick and gives Cinderace some much-needed range.

Blaze Kick furthers its range, knocks opponents aside, and after being upgraded, can even increase your speed. The best part is getting Cinderace in range to dominate with fast basic attacks after pulling this one off. Feint gives you a better chance of surviving in one-on-one encounters. Your move stable is strong enough by this point as it is, so the support move is a better choice.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Cinderace held items

Pokemon Unite Cinderace held items
Muscle BandStronger basic attacks
Attack WeightIncreases attack when you score points
Scope LensIncreases critical attack power

Muscle Band is, again, a standard option here since Cinderace is a good DPS Pokemon. The unique one here is the Attack Weight. However, it fits with a faster Cinderace build such as the one we’ve outlined above, since scoring points — which is something Cinderace will be doing a lot of — keeps increasing your attack power.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Cinderace battle items

X Attack should be Cinderace’s go-to battle item to maximize its damage output.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Absol build

Pokemon Unite Absol moves
7Psycho Cut
9Midnight Slash

Absol is another flexible Pokemon you can build to suit your style, but we’ve chosen a build that favors speed and critical hits. Feint isn’t too useful for the early game, while Slash helps you clear out mobs faster. Night Slash is a very situational move and is also a solid choice. However, Pursuit is easier to pull off without any conditions that could hinder its effectiveness like Night Slash suffers from.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Absol held items

Pokemon Unite Absol held items
Scope lensIncreases critical hit rate
Muscle BandIncreases attack power
Float StoneIncreases attack and speed

The top picks for Absol’s items make it move faster and hit harder, whatever moves you choose. If you find yourself in a bind more often than not, swap out Float Stone for an HP-restoring item instead.

Pokemon Unite builds | The best Absol battle items

We recommend Eject Button for Absol if only to help set up Pursuit attacks more easily. If that’s not your thing, then use X Attack to boost its power even further.

If you're still getting started in Pokemon Unite, check out our overview of the ranking system and how it works.

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