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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Frigibax location: How to get Frigibax

How to find your dragon

The Frigibax location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is far to the north and well out of your reach at the start of the game, but if you’re determined to tackle Paldea with a new dragon in tow, you can get Frigibax before you even earn your first Gym badge.

It takes time and more than a bit of patience, though. Unlike some Pokemon the Paldea Pokedex says are rare, Frigibax actually is rare and doesn’t like showing up too often.

It takes a while for Frigibax to reach their full potential, like all dragon Pokemon, but Frigibax is absolutely worth spending time finding, raising, and breeding.

Frigibax in Scarlet and Violet

Frigibax location in Scarlet and Violet

Frigibax location in Scarlet and Violet: A map of Scarlet and Violet's Paldea region shows the northern area shaded in to indicate Frigibax's location

Frigibax calls Glaseado Mountain its home, which is a bit of a problem for new trainers, since the mountain is at Paldea’s far northern tip. Once you do finally make it there, the next challenge starts: finding Frigibax. The Pokedex entry says Frigibax live in caves and snowy regions, which basically summarizes the entirety of Glaseado Mountain.

We didn’t have much luck finding Frigibax in the caves on the mountain’s southern edge, so it seems your best bet is just trudging through the snowdrifts until you luck out and find one. We also didn’t find Frigibax in the lone cave near Zapapico, so it may be more of a rare spawn in that region.

If you start from Montenevera, you can do a search around the nearby area and run back to the city to reset the wild Pokemon and start again.

How to get Frigibax early

Frigibax location in Scarlet and Violet: A map of Scarlet and Violet's Paldea region shows a path leading to Glaseado Mountain

You’re in for a lengthy trip if you want Frigibax early, but it's definitely doable. Head west from Cortondo in South Province Area Two, and follow the path north until you enter West Province Area One. If thi sis your first time here, Arven will call and tell you about the nearby Open Sky Titan. Bear that in mind for later, and keep following the road north.

Your next interruption is from Cassieopeia and someone who’s definitely not Director Clavell (it definitely is him) giving you a rundown about your first Team Star Base in Operation Starfall. File that away for later, and take the road north until you reach a Team Star barricade. Ignore them, hop on your Koraidon or Miraidon, and leap off the cliff into the Asado Desert.

Check around for wild Rellor while you're here and wild Girafarig once you exit the desert.

From here, you can go to Cascarrafa or exit the desert at its northern entrance. Either way, follow the path east, and it eventually takes you to Glaseado Moutnain. There’s a slight glitch or error on the map north of Medali. It shows there’s no bridge over the river, but it exists anyway.

Frigibax location in Scarlet and Violet: An anime child is sitting on a giant red lizard, overlooking a vast open plain below a mountain

Is Frigibax good?

Frigibax may be the bottom chain of the -bax dragon line, but these small monsters still packs a punch. Frigibax has a high base attack stat and decent speed and defense. Just be mindful of your type matchups. As an Ice and Dragon dual type, Frigibax has more than a few common weaknesses, including Steel, Fighting, and Fairy.

Frigibax evolves at level 35 and then again at 54. Neither of its later forms learn anything new, so you might want to hold off evolving until level 48, when Frigibax learns Icicle Crash

It’s also worth trying to breed Frigibax, as they can learn the powerful Dragon Rush attack as one of their Egg moves, a move they can’t otherwise learn.

Looking for more Pokemon to add to your team? There's plenty more new Paldea Pokemon to add to your roster and help you tackle Paldea's Gyms and Titans on your way to becoming Champion.

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